Video: NASA Has No Explanation For Mystery Slow-Moving UFO

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Over 100 people saw a slow-moving UFO in the sky this week, and NASA has no explanation for what exactly was seen.  The agency says it moved to slowly to be a meteor.

According to The Mirror UK [1]:

[An] enormous unidentified flying object (UFO) was tracked by five different NASA camera as it moved at 14,500 miles per hour over several American states before breaking up into pieces – and the space agency says it was travelling too slowly to be a meteor.

Ron M added: “I have seen many strange objects in the night sky but this thing is like nothing I have ever seen. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Kind of scared me for a minute though,” said eyewitness Ron M, posting to the American Meteor Society website [2].

Sean E added: “It looked almost like a plane had exploded at first but then was clear it was something else.” 

The “slow” speed of the object makes it unlikely to be a meteor or fireball, according to the space agency, but it could be a piece of space debris [3] – bits of old spacecraft, satellites and other man-made objects in orbit – re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

The baffling phenomenon comes just days after NASA allegedly cut the video feed from the International Space Station after spotting three UFOs [4].






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