VIDEO: People Are Seeing ‘Something Evil’ Chase Them Moments Before Dropping Dead From COVID Jab

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People are seeing something evil chase them moments before dropping dead from COVID jab

People who are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from the COVID jabs are seeing ‘something evil’ before they drop dead, according to a disturbing report.

Countries around the world are seeing sharp increases in health issues since people were coerced into getting the COVID vaccine. 

In the video below, from the 46:00 mark onwards, fully jabbed people are shown moments before their deaths.

According to reports, beginning at the 48:00 mark, the people dropping dead look like they see something “evil”:

Remember how I was talking about in the last video about folks turning and seeing things.  They see things whenever they collapse and die or collapse and end up in the hospital.  It’s almost like they see something evil chasing them and then they spin around and you can see in this video they always seem to go into the same position.  There are feet stretched out, they’re arms stretched out.



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  2. These people falling out from the vaccine aren’t “seeing” anything, They are HEARING something from the back of their mind, They are looking around for where the sound is coming from. These sounds are being broadcast and they are interacting with the self assembling nanoparticles from the “vaccine”.

  3. I was present when my mother passed on. She had been in a comma for about 2 weeks. During that time she never moved, opened her eyes or said anything. Just before she drew her last breath, she moved slightly & said “Oh!” She had such peace & happiness on her face. I believe she saw my father & her other family members who had already gone on to heaven come to take her there. I know of other family members who passed away with relatives present. One was an aunt who had also been in a comma. At the end, she sat up in bed, opened her eyes & said, “Oh, Mama! Oh, George!” She had a huge smile on her face & looked so happy. She then passed on. Mama & George were her 2 family members who had passed on before her. Both of these women were strong Christians. Look into this & you’ll find many nurses & doctors who testify that before patients die, someone or something comes for them. It’s either from heaven or hell. They also tell of seeing dark, evil entities in the hall outside the room of some dying patients right before they pass on. I believe these ppl are seeing evil entities come for them.

  4. “Florida changes vaccine advice” Dr John Campbell He’s pretty good but very cautious and guarded, painstakingly so from necessity of the rule of laws morality. It’s on you tube.

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