Video Proof Foreign Troops Are Already Here To Fight “Extreme Patriots”?

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Foreign Troops on US Soil?

Is the following video proof that there are foreign troops on US soil from China, Russia, and many, many other countries here to help the US “prevent” “domestic terrorists”, or, as they have been more recently labeled “extreme patriots”?

In an article titled “Absolute Proof Foreign Troops In America For War On Patriots” [1] by journalist Susan Duclos, she writes:

In the eye-opening video compilation below by Ekim Rrac [2], we see news clips, politician statements and concerning accounts of UN “peacekeeping” forces training in US states such as Arkansas, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, in brigade strength, for house-to-house search and seizure operations.

Also shown is the US government stockpiling “instruments of war,” in what many believe is preparation for war on American soil. UN trucks by the hundreds being brought into America, foreign troops and mercenaries, training on US soil, domestic drones numbering in the tens of thousands, and much much more is shows by these news clips and interviews.

Who Homeland “Security Is Preparing To War With on American Soil


Who is the DHS prepping to go to war with on American soil? Interspersed with these news clips are statements by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, calling American patriots, “domestic terrorists,” giving a good idea of exactly who the US government now considers the enemy.

Further proof of who is now considered the enemy is provided by news reports of a DHS consortium warning that “sovereign citizens” are considered the number one domestic terror threat. [3]

Google Enemy Combatant and See If You Are One In The Eyes of The US Government

We have seen ample evidence of late of local police departments having been militarized to the point of of treating American citizens as enemy combatants, including members of the media, in Ferguson Missouri. National guard were called in, a curfew set, images shown across the world of a martial law atmosphere, but what many do not account for is the multitude of accounts of foreign troops and/or mercenaries that are on US soil as well, just waiting for the order, the right “crisis” to be declared, to move into action to lock down the country.

For those that still do not believe that war is coming to America, with the US governments and their own domestic armies to carry it out, against American citizens….. the video below is a must-see.






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