Video: Ron Paul – The U.S. Is “Now Al-Qaeda’s Air Force”

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Ron Paul

While many on the world stage are aware that America’s War on Terror is nothing but a farce, there are not many who are actually willing to say so.

Presidential candidate and former congressman Ron Paul recently appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss the latest developments in Syria.

Talking about the proxy war in Syria, he said that the United States was “now al Qaeda’s Air Force”

The hypocrisy of American foreign policy has now become clearer than ever before

Activist Post reports: It is a turning point in the drug out civil war in Syria that has Putin fighting under the banner of eradicating ISIS, and the U.S. under the banner giving cover for ISIS, al Qaeda, al Nusra and other terrorist groups fighting in the region.

And there appears to be little chance of NATO/American/Western forces changing their position. Worse, the conflict could spill out into direct warfare between Russian and the U.S., should accidental fire, clashing planes or misplaced egos set things off.

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