Video Shows Far-Left Activists Preparing To Infiltrate Jan 6 Riot

Fact checked
Leftist agitators caught on camera infiltrated Jan 6 riot

The Democrats along with their mainstream media cronies have been obsessively trying to convince the public that the Jan. 6 riots were exclusively conducted by MAGA patriots. They defiantly claim that zero BLM, Antifa, or other far-left groups infiltrated the protests.

However, a newly leaked video shows at least two far-left infiltrators preparing to engage in violent behaviour at the Jan. 6 riot. Another video shows one of them posing as a One America News reporter: reports: “Dude, dude, I’m not f—ing with you,” one said to the other after handing him a face mask with the American flag on it.

“You’ve got to blend in. I know you can’t stomach wearing it but you need to blend in. You need to have a visual identifier.”

Mainstream media has completely ignored these and a plethora of other videos depicting leftist extremists engaging in operations that were intended to spark the violence that we saw at the Capitol.

Meanwhile, the left’s narrative has been that it’s all about Donald Trump instructing his supporters to burn the city down. The cognitive dissonance from the left and media would be shocking if it wasn’t so commonplace in American society today.

Sadly, the average American will never see these videos or have a clue about the real genesis of violence at the Capitol on January 6. The sheep will continue to listen to Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts spread their propaganda.


  1. Probably was OAN reporter really They’re duplicitous TOTALLY The only real.trumpians were small groups ,but lots of them who were and are all censored almost totally now .I saw the footage that msm never played and I know it was all set up and it’s common sense who by Just like the jewish judge who made that anglophile finding the other day, Horrorwits ? Anyway his wifes one of those CNN reporters Birds of a feather

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