Video: The Bizarre Rituals of the Über Elite

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What do the ‘elite’ get up to during their bizarre rituals?

By now everyone has heard the allegations about British Prime Minister David Cameron performing a depraved sex act with a dead pig.

A distinguished Oxford contemporary claimed that Cameron once took part in an outrageous college initiation ceremony. The bizarre ceremony he said, featured the then future PM inserting a private part of his anatomy into the animal’s mouth.

The disgusting ritual was part of an induction ceremony into the Piers Gaveston Society which is  an ultra-exclusive University of Oxford dining club known for its decadent sex and drug-fueled parties.

The truth about the shockingly decadent Oxford days of the gifted Bullingdon boy, David Cameron, are revealed in the book, “Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography,” written by fellow Oxford colleague Lord Michael Ashcroft.

The Mail Online reports:

There are a number of accounts of pigs’ heads at debauched parties in Cameron’s day.

The late Count Gottfried von Bismarck, an Oxford contemporary of Cameron’s, reportedly threw dinner parties featuring the heads of pigs. (He later became notorious after Olivia Channon, daughter of a Tory minister, died of a heroin overdose in his Christ Church bedroom.)

Meanwhile, Cameron had joined yet another dubious society — the notorious Bullingdon Club — a riotous drinking club for a highly select band of the super-rich. The bespoke uniform, of navy tailcoats, mustard-coloured waistcoats and sky-blue bow ties, could run to thousands of pounds, putting membership beyond the reach of ordinary students.

But it’s not just Cameron or the British elite….there are similar stories of debauchery that surround several American politicians. According  to infowars... from the lavish escapades conducted at the clandestine Bohemian Grove to the cringe-inducing Skull and Bones fraternity rites, rumored to include masturbating in a coffin.

“[Skull and Bones] Initiates must masturbate in a coffin while recounting their sexual exploits, for which they will be rewarded with a no-strings-attached gift of $15,000,” The Scotsman newspaper reported in 2004.

In the following video, Abby Martin goes over the strange rituals of secret societies, remarking on the Yale fraternity ‘Skull & Bones’ calling out the surreptitious behavior of the society’s most famous members including George W Bush and John Kerry.


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