Video: Vienna University – We May Live In A Hologram

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Studies are now showing that the once disputed notion that we live in an environment similar to a computer hologram is in fact very feasible.

According to GeoBeats News:

Our entire physical world might be a hologram–a simulation.

Researchers from the Vienna University of Technology, writing in the journal Physical Review Letters, suggest the idea of a holographic universe is actually quite feasible.

Merging quantum and relativistic models, the study lends weight to the theory that our universe might actually be a fake–and one that functions similarly to the two-dimensional holograms on the surface of some credit cards.

Co-author Max Riegler said, “This calculation affirms our assumption that the holographic principle can also be realized in flat spaces. It is evidence for the validity of this correspondence in our universe.”

That all we experience might be a complex simulation is a notion that’s been around since the nineties. And many scientists and philosophers refuse to discount it entirely.

Ray Kurzweil, the Google-backed visionary best known for his work on the singularity concept, put it this way, “Maybe our whole universe is a science experiment of some junior high school student in another universe.”

The idea goes that our brains are actually part of the hardware or software of the process running the simulation. It’s like “The Matrix” but different.

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