Vile Leftists Chant ‘F*ck Trump’ Outside Walter Reed Hospital – ‘I Hope He Dies’

Fact checked
Angry leftists chant 'f Trump' outside Walter Reed hospital

A group of far-left anti-Trump protestors gathered outside Walter Reed hospital over the weekend to express their hatred for President Trump and their desire to see him die.

Standing alongside Trump supporters praying for the president’s recovery, the hateful mob attempted to counter the good-wishes directed towards the president.

“Fuck Donald Trump,” one woman shouted, waving her middle finger in the air:

“Your president is dying, ahh!” another woman laughed.

Others openly hoped for Trump’s death: reports: One woman holding a “F*ck Trump” sign admitted she hopes he dies.

“Wah, wah, your leader’s gonna die!” she shouted.

“I hope he dies!”

Here’s another angle of her taunts:

Another woman held a sign that read, “Truth over lies.”

A woman said she stood outside the hospital because she is “anti-Trump”:

“We don’t care how he’s feeling,” one of the protesters told Jack Posobiec of One America News.

The same woman was accused of confronting and cussing out children:

Posobiec also reported someone drove by and threw a batch of papers out of the window:

They read, “Fuck the Trumps.”

White House Physician Sean Conley told reporters late Friday evening that Trump is doing “very well.”