Morrisons Supermarket To Donate All Unsold Food To Community groups

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Morrisons is leading the way for supermarkets in the UK to make positive change by announcing that they will be donating all their unsold food to community projects starting in the new year.

The supermarket will donate all food that is still safe to be eaten, which means they will be legally unable to donate any food that has passed its ‘use by’ date.

There has been a public outcry over the amount of edible food being thrown out, particularly now, when people are being hard hit by austerity and needing to resort to food banks.

The Mail Online reports:

An estimated 15million tonnes of food is being thrown away every year in the UK by supermarkets and families

Some supermarkets have even been accused of deliberately sabotaging discarded food, by covering it in bleach or coffee granules, to stop people foraging through their bins.

But from early next year, Morrisons will be taking a big step to combat the waste.

A trial in stores in Yorkshire and the northeast found that each one could donate up to four trolley loads of food a week to community groups working to feed the hungry.

The initiative will soon be launched in all of Morrisons 500 stores across the county, with a member of staff at each one being appointed ‘community champion’.

Their role will be to take responsibility for working with community projects whose responsibility it will be to collect the food.



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