Waitress Shows Why Russia Won The War

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A Russian Waitress takes no time in banishing a customer from her restaurant after he sexually fondled her.

The young Russian woman was serving customers in a restaurant in Kazan at the time. A young male customer tries to tip the waitress for handing him a menu. He attempts to put cash in her blouse, when he gets whacked by the unsuspecting woman.

The randy young man then fondles the waitress after having been whacked once already. He manages to reach her from behind.

The young female Russian waitress then goes for an all out assault on the man, with the cover menus she was still carrying. It shows why the Russians managed to win WW2 with the help of their nearly million strong service women in the Armed Forces.

The man is beaten to the ground by handy cover menus and gets attended to and fumbled by fellow customers and staff. They caress, sooth and help the ‘injured’ young man to his feet and out of the restaurant.

Gena Urmanov YouTube video

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