Cancer Nurse Quits Job And Reveals ‘Nutrition Heals Cancer’

Fact checked

Valerie Warwick was a cancer nurse who made the decision to quit her job after 17 years in the Oncology department, as she couldn’t bare to be part of the poisonous cancer industry any longer. 

In this video she discusses how nutrition and non-toxic natural therapies can cure cancer.

In the interview she shares her insider knowledge about the cancer industry, and gives valuable information about the alternative resources that cancer patients need to know about.

Subjects discussed, include:

  • 9:26 What cancer patients need to know before agreeing to conventional treatment
  • 13:35 The nutritional advice cancer patients get from doctors
  • 14:47 The critical importance of vitamin C for cancer patients
  • 23:00 How doctors profit off of chemotherapy
  • 24:44 Why doctors are not allowed to offer any other therapies
  • 29:23 Why she finally left oncology
  • 30:11 What she learned after working in several alternative clinics
  • 31:31 The benefits of Oxygen, Ozone Therapy and EWOT
  • 36:00 The impact that stress has on the immune system
  • 38:00 Essential tests every cancer patient should have
  • 40:00 What every newly diagnosed patient needs to know
  • 43:00 Her opinion on cannabis oil