Russia Says That US Are Preparing Nuclear Attack Against Them

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Following the recent testing of the US B61-12 nuclear bomb in Europe, and Washington’s admission that it is “capable of reaching Russia“, Moscow have criticised the tests as being not only being “provocative” but also indicative that the US and NATO are planning a nuclear attack on Russia.

Deputy Defence Minister, Anatoly Antonov, said “It turns out that under the disguise of a notorious and invented threat coming from the Russian side, the United States was not only increasing the military potential and activity of NATO member states, but was upgrading its nuclear potential as well“. reports:

According to Antonov, the Russian Defense Ministry can’t rule out the possibility that the Americans tested their nuclear bomb to examine the possibility of its use by NATO bombers in Europe.

“The atomic bomb, which was tested, is a dual purpose device. It can be both an element of strategic offensive weapons – when delivered by heavy bombers – and an element of non-strategic nuclear weapons when delivered by tactical aircraft,” he said.

“The special feature of the conducted the test was the fact that the F-15E fighter-bomber was used as a carrier for a nuclear weapon. This gives grounds to believe that the test was conducted in order to examine the possibility of using the B61-12 atomic bomb by NATO fighter-bombers stationed in Europe.”

The fresh nuclear bomb test is evidence of America’s “persistent unwillingness” to give up on involving non-nuclear NATO states in joint nuclear missions, which contradicts the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), he stressed.

The United States Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration tested the upgraded B61-12 nuclear bomb at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada on July 1. A safe version of the device was tested as it contained no nuclear warhead.

The move is part of the program to prolong the lifespan of the B61-12 nuclear bomb, which has been in use since the 1960s.

The US military plans to carry out two more tests of the nuclear bomb before the end of the year.

Moscow and Washington have been trading accusations over violations of key nuclear treaties for years.

In June, the head of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, said NATO’s increased activity in Eastern Europe proves the US anti-missile defense shield was actually always aimed against Russia and China.

“Washington insisted the missile defense shield was a deterrent to Iran, but now the world powers are negotiating with Iran, so logically plans for the system should be dropped, but this isn’t happening,” Patrushev said during an international security summit in Ulan-Ude.

The US in turn blamed Russia for violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, saying Russia has a cruise missile (deployable from an Iskander launcher) that has a range over 500 kilometers.

However, Antonov commented last week that Washington is ramping up the controversy over alleged Russian violations in order to cover up its own plans to deploy missiles in Europe.


  1. The US makes the rules for “OTHERS” to follow. These rules don’t apply to them and are never followed BY them.
    God forbid your a country who does not follow the rules set forth by the American Empire-
    Do as i say-not as i do!

  2. The US makes the rules for “OTHERS” to follow. These rules don’t apply to them and are never followed BY them.
    God forbid your a country who does not follow the rules set forth by the American Empire-
    Do as i say-not as i do!

    • Most Americans do Not agree with what the “leader” of our country is doing!!! We do Not want war with anyone! It makes us sad that we are being seen as idiotic as the leaders in charge of our country. 🙁

      • you must be one of those who thinks if a place post signs that its a no gun zone is the safest place to be. No what is dangerous would be how Obama aided Isis and Iran. with weapons and pallets of money to help Iran with their nuclear capabilities.Why would anyone think it was a safe or good idea giving a country these items ,especially a country that chants death to America. Trump is by far the best President ever,and you say Most Americans do not agree with Trump,just when did that survey take place?,maybe the group that you hang out with feel that way,but I would be willing to bet my last dollar that Trump wins again in 2020. the democratic party is a joke and is the disgrace of america.They hate Trump,only because he is revealing all the crooked stuff that those politicians have done,they are scared of going to jail

  3. let me say this as a 50 yr old American. The United States of America is not out looking to start trouble with anyone,but know this,we will not be messed with by anyone or any country.I think I can say this and it be true for most Americans. One more thing I can say is if America was going to retaliate against anyone,we would not give a rats ass if nato was with us or not. once someone comes and harms Americans you can bet that we will take care of whatever needs to happen swiftly and without any concerns of any other parties. bet that. Russia you need not be worried about our test,it’s not for you,that we are conducting them for.. ron wheeler you are a idiot.

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