‘Cornered Animal’ Wasserman Schultz Rats On Comrades Live On CNN

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As the heat continues rising in the DNC, Wasserman Schultz is the latest Democrat to rat on a former comrade. It's beer and popcorn time.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz lashed out like a cornered animal during an interview on CNN yesterday, turning on her comrade Jeh Johnson and claiming his sworn testimony about the DNC computer hack is “wrong in every respect” and “utterly misinformed.” 

Democrats ran an arrogant, sloppy propaganda campaign during the election because they assumed that a Clinton victory was certain. They didn’t think the public would be smart enough to notice the holes in their story.

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Now, as the heat begins to rise in the investigation into the DNC computer hack, Democrats have begun giving contradictory testimonies, attempting to save their own skin at the expense of their colleagues.

Wasserman Schultz is the latest Democrat to throw a colleague under the bus, in an attempt to save herself from serving jail time.

Speaking live on CNN on Thursday, she told the anchor: “He’s wrong in every respect. Let me be very clear. At no point during my tenure at the DNC was I contacted by the FBI, DHS, or any government agency, or alerted or made aware that they believed that the Russians, an enemy state, was intruding on our network.”

In case you missed it, former DHS Director Jeh Johnson testified to lawmakers this week that the DNC rejected his agency’s offer to protect its network despite receiving warnings they were vulnerable to external hacks.

Instead, the DNC chose an outside cyber security firm to “deal with” the hacks that the DNC say led to WikiLeaks publishing thousands of its emails.

CNN’s Bolduan asked Wasserman Schultz how both accounts could be true:

Secretary Johnson says DNC rebuffed the help offered. You are saying no one contacted you?

Wasserman Schultz replied by throwing the former DHS Director under the bus.

Secretary Johnson is utterly misinformed. That is simply not accurate.

Wasserman Schultz went further and blamed the FBI for not helping: “They left the Russians on our network for more than—for almost a year before we discovered that they were there.”

Democrats are sweating, squirming and splitting hairs as they try to wriggle out of the DNC “computer hack” scandal.

Although naive Democrats living in their liberal bubble like to say the Obama presidency didn’t have any scandals, their fantasy world is slowly but surely falling apart.

Wasserman Schultz is merely the latest Democrat to rat on a former colleague. As the heat continues to rise on the criminal Obama administration and Clinton campaign, it won’t be long before they are ripping each other to shreds, trying save their own skins at the expense of their former colleagues.

Get comfortable. It’s beer and popcorn time.

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