WEF Orders Govt’s To Arrest Whistleblowers Who Expose Depopulation Agenda

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Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum have ordered world governments to mass incarcerate officials who are trying to blow the whistle about the crimes of the elite during the pandemic.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum have ordered world governments to mass incarcerate officials who are trying to blow the whistle about the crimes of the elite during the pandemic.

According to a World Economic Forum insider, there is escalating chaos within the halls of power in Davos, as the elite desperately attempt to shut down public access to damning information that proves they were involved in planning and executing the pandemic and mass vaccine rollout, which has left humanity on its knees.

The globalist elite are becoming increasingly authoritarian in an attempt to hold on to their power. But there is just one problem for them. The people are waking up and rising up against them. And we already have all of the evidence we need to hold them to account for crimes against humanity.

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According to the WEF insider, it takes hundreds of thousands of people to pull off a conspiracy like the vaccine rollout, and Schwab and his cronies understood that government whistleblowers could act as witnesses in the upcoming Nuremberg 2.0 trials for crimes against humanity.

That’s why the elite are making their move now and attempting to cover their tracks.

Take the recent events in New Zealand, for example. Jacinda Ardern ruled over the most corrupt and craven WEF-infiltrated vassal state during her time as prime minister, and the fingerprints of the global elite were left all over the crime scene.

Former New Zealand TV presenter Liz Gunn published an update in October about one medical clinic in where 30 people received a Covid injection on the same day and every single one of these 30 people died, within the same time frame.

Suspicious? Not according to the mainstream media which claims it’s just a massive coincidence.

Jacinda Ardern’s government knew that the jabs were poisonous, and yet they pushed them on the public regardless.

How do we know?

Why else would they exempt the elite from the deadly jabs, while forcing them on 95% of the public?

Thanks to an extremely brave government whistleblower, we now know the consequences of the government vaccine mandate.

Barry Young, the lead database administrator for New Zealand’s public health ministry, Te Whatu Ora, leaked explosive top secret government data on the death rates of people who have received Covid mRNA shots.

Using the pseudonym “Winston Smith,” a character from George Orwell’s 1984, Young released data showing that enormous numbers of vaxxed New Zealanders died suddenly after receiving the shots.

According to the statistician whistleblower’s explosive official data, more than 20% of the nation’s citizens have now died after receiving their Covid mRNA shots.

The statistics are truly damning and run counter to what the WEF-infiltrated government are telling their people.

So how have the government responded to the deeply damaging leak that reveals they have the blood of millions on their hands?

The WEF have turned the once proud nation of New Zealand into a police state.

The government sent the police to arrest the whistleblower in his home, and banned the mainstream media from reporting on the story or publishing his leaked information.

Liz Gunn reported live from New Zealand as the arrest was taking place.

But it gets even worse. Amid the chaos in New Zealand as the global elite attempt to wipe their fingerprints off the crime scene, local reports suggest a drastic move is taking place behind the scenes, led by Jacinda Ardern in a desperate attempt to save her neck.

The globalists responsible for the Covid plandemic nightmare are now attempting to cover their tracks any way they possibly can.

Thanks to the brave and important work of Liz Gunn and the government whistleblower Barry Young, we are seeing this cover up play out in real time.

Amid the leaks, arrests and swirling rumors, a drastic move has taken place behind the scenes: a directive to erase the contentious data that reveals the true scope of the crime against humanity.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Ardern was gaslighting the people she was supposed to be serving during the pandemic, telling them to trust the government as their “only source of truth.”

While whispers implicate Jacinda Ardern in potentially ordering the data purge, concrete evidence has yet to emerge. As the situation unfolds, there are increasing demands to release the data now.

If she and her former administration have nothing to hide, they should release the data now.

Of course, this is not going to happen. The whistleblower has been demonized and locked up following Klaus Schwab’s demands to make an example of a whistleblower to strike fear into the hundreds of thousands of government employees around the world who are sitting on similarly explosive data to the leak by Barry Young in New Zealand.

Conveniently, Ardern now works hand-in-glove with Schwab in the corridors of power at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where they are orchestrating the great cover up of their recent crimes.

Silencing brave truth tellers and whistleblowers is at the heart of this cover up.

If you do not understand the powerful forces that are taking over our civilization, and that submitting to them is a fate worse than death, then I have nothing else I can say to you.

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