WEF Speaker: ‘Covid & Climate Change Failed, But Water Crisis Will Work To Establish World Government’

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WEF speaker

Attempts to vaccinate everyone on the planet failed and ‘climate change’ is “too abstract” for people to understand, but the imminent water crisis is something that everyone will get on board with, according to World Economic Forum contributor Mariana Mazzucato.

During her speech at Davos, Mazzucato basically implied that as the WEF had failed to control humanity with their covid ‘scamdemic’ or climate ‘hoax’ narratives, it is now about to target water as a means of imposing its world government agenda.

InfoWars reports: A clip from the WEF’s Davos meeting last year which received little attention at the time but is now going viral shows WEF spokesperson Professor Mariana Mazzucato lamenting how COVID and climate change failed to bring about a world government before insinuating that a water crisis will be the catalyst that imposes a world government upon humanity.

“Did we actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world? No. So highlighting water as a global commons and what it means to work together and see it both out of a global commons perspective but also the self-interest perspective, because it does have that parallel, is not only important, but it’s also important because we haven’t managed to solve those problems which had similar attributes. And water is something that people understand,” Mazzucato, founding Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, said during a WEF forum on the “economics of water.”

“Climate change is a bit abstract. Some people understand it really well, some understand it a bit, some just don’t understand it.”

“Water, every kid knows how important it is to have water. When you’re playing football and you’re thirsty, you need water,” she noted.

“So there’s also something about really getting citizen engagement around this and really in some ways experimenting with this notion of the common good.”

“Can we actually deliver this time in ways we have failed miserably other times? And hopefully we won’t keep failing on the other things, but anyway,” she added.

According to the WEF’s description, the purpose of the discussion was to formulate a “2-year initiative to transform the Economics of Water. The report and action plan will reshape how we talk about, value, and manage water in the rest of the 21st century.”


  1. Water is immutable The planets a vacuum actually Water can’t leave earth .The amount is fixed forever .It can only change state .
    You can’t waste water It can’t go anywhere With them saying it’s hotter then there’s going to be much more water as the ice melts So we’re very lucky .

    • She’s a very thick neck.
      Really I spent years being bored to tears at uni with horrid dull lectures and ghastly conversations and seminars all just a load of crap. Personally I’d burn them all to the ground and all the books and tell the kids to go swimming instead.

  2. I remember in Switzerland they fired a worker for the tapwater advicer. He just pointed out to save costs on cleaning drinking water, pesticides should be banned around drinking water reservoires. Any person that truthfully wants to fix anything gets fired and replaced by a shill. The majority of pollution is made by the lobby themselves agrar pharmaceuticals and chemical companies and they are owned by the elites themselves, their profits and greed surpassing all health or rational prevention of water pollution out of greed. Selling bottled water.

      • Your the plague that they exterminating or claiming too anyway All you middle class reactionary neo nazi propagandists who think your safe Your as safe as the Jews who trusted the Germans when invited to move there were.

    • Well go on then Josey Get off your arse. Put your money where your mouth is You won’t do anything at all but grumble like an upset stomach.

    • Josey get a life Your never gonna do anything but grumble on disqust. You wouldntv even write a letter to your senator or local member.

  3. If they ever get their cashless, programmable currency in place, nothing else matters, we are doomed. water, food, shelter, will easily be taken away from you.

    • Well they need every nations politicians to vote for it and pass the legislations. And that requires the electors to sit on their hands and grumble on rumble instead of being pro active by going to their local politicians and letting them know they don’t support it But they won’t Too hard like reading a book Too hard Can’t be bothered. Just rather post on social media of meaningless garbage without any political influence to anything at all

  4. Speaker McCarthy evicted, gone overnight. Gaetz with Republican support kicked him out. Will they bring their darling Pelosi back? Mc Cathy passed the bill to avoid shutdowns by excluding funding to Ukraine so he’s finished.

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