Journalist Who ‘Debunked’ Black Crimewave in Democrat Cities Shot Dead by Black Man in Home

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Mainstream journalist who mocked the idea of black crime wave in Democrat cities shot dead by black man in his own home.

A mainstream media journalist who ‘debunked’ the rising black crimewave in Democrat-run cities was shot to death by a black man in his home this week.

Josh Kruger was shot seven times after an intruder entered his home, shot him at the base of his stairs, and then fled. Kruger ran outside pleading for help from his neighbors and collapsed, where police found him after responding to a call just before 1:30 a.m. on the 2300 block of Watkins Street.

Kruger, 39, was rushed to the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m.

No arrests have been yet been made, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore. However, according to witnesses, the intruder is believed to be a black male.

“Either the door was open, or the offender knew how to get the door open,” Vanore told reporters. “We just don’t know yet.”

Detectives believe his death may have been the result of a domestic dispute or may have been drug-related, according to three law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case. The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said police investigators recovered troubling text messages between Kruger and a former partner. Investigators also recovered methamphetamine inside Kruger’s bedroom, the sources said. -Inquirer reports: In April, Kruger – who had struggled with addiction and homelessness – said that an ex-partner had broken into his home. 

“The door was locked, so he had somehow obtained a copy of my keys,” he wrote.

Around two weeks ago, Kruger wrote on Facebook that someone came to his house looking for their boyfriend, calling themselves “Lady Diabla, the She-Devil of the streets.”

Kruger frequently mocked conservatives on X, ironically calling Dilbert creator Scott Adams “Nostradamus” on Saturday for predicting that people would be dead “within the year” of Biden’s election.

Kruger also mocked conservatives concerned over the city’s shootings, which he said were “dropping to levels not seen in years.”

And he said it was “fine to rejoice in the death of people who facilitated injustice.”

Kruger also wanted to ‘punch Nazis,’ and accused people of ‘not knowing how to properly read’ crime statistics.

And then there’s this…

He also repeatedly defended drug addicts and their right to steal to “survive.”

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