What happened to the last McDonald’s meal in Iceland?

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What happened to the last McDonald's meal in Iceland?

The last McDonald’s meal sold in Iceland has already spent over a year in Iceland’s National Museum.

But it will now be going on display at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik.

McDonald’s shut down its  branches in Iceland back in 2009, yet after all this time the last meal ever sold in the country has still not gone rotten or mouldy.

McDonald’s failed to keep what little custom it had in Iceland following the economic collapse, and as such were forced to close their doors to business in Iceland.

Their last day of business was on October 30th, 2009, and it was on that day that tHjortur Smarason purchased a meal as a souvenir.

Mr Smarason had no intention of eating the meal, but rather wanted to hang onto it out of curiosity knowing it to be a a part of history.

He put the meal in its original packaging on a garage shelf.  When he opened it three years and discovered it looking exactly like it did when he left it, Mr Smarason decided to donate the meal it to the national museum in Iceland, where it was in storage for a year.

The McDonalds meal, now at its new home at the Bus Hostel sits on display in front of a webcam, where people all over the world can watch the abnormally slow decomposition of the burger and fries. Will they rot or not?


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