WHO Hope To Test Experimental Marburg Virus Vaccines Amid Deadly Outbreak

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Rare Marburg outbreak sparks a race against time to test vaccines

marburg virus vaccine

The World Health organization (WHO) convened an urgent meeting on Tuesday to discuss an outbreak of the deadly Marbug virus in Africa.

Equatorial Guinea announced its first outbreak of the virus Monday.

The WHO gathered ‘experts’ from around the world together to discuss how to ramp up the development of vaccines for the virus which currently has no cure

They plan to evaluate several possible vaccine candidates after nine deaths and 16 suspected cases were reported.

Experts fear that the world could be caught off guard by the currently untreatable virus that kills up to 88 percent of the people it infects.

The MailOnline reports: The virus, considered a more dangerous cousin of Ebola, has killed nine people in Equatorial Guinea in the Central African nation’s first outbreak. More than a dozen others are believed to be infected.

The highly-infectious pathogen – which causes some sufferers to bleed from their eyes – has been touted as the next big pandemic threat, with the WHO describing it as ‘epidemic-prone’. 

Members of the Marburg virus vaccine consortium (MARVAC) said it could take months for effective vaccines and therapeutics to become available, as manufacturers would need to gather materials and perform trials.

They hope the virus – which spreads by prolonged physical contact – will be contained and controlled before it causes a larger outbreak. 

But the outbreak in Equatorial Guinea comes just months after Ghana reported its first outbreak, which marked only the second time the disease had been detected in West Africa.


  1. I was waiting for this one the predictive programming, the tv series Salem the evil witch to raise the evil is named Marburg. They place those things ahead in books too. Well at this point they make the viruses they release them they blindly force vaccines that don’t work instead of searching treatments for the sick. No one will trust the massmedia anymore. Honestly what it did show how corrupt the politicians are and that all media is controlled.

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    • Your using my name
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  3. Nope. But we’ll happily test them out on all of you cabal criminals. And it will be the real poison pharma vaxs, not saline water.

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    Very suspicious that the continent that declined the CV jabs gets all the “new illnesses”…

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