WHO Still Planning To Launch Global Digital Health Certificate

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WHO health certificate

The World Health Organization (WHO) is still planning to go ahead with its global digital health certificate despite telling us that the Covid ‘pandemic’ is finally over.

During a May 5th news conference held at their headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that the COVID-19 scamdemic was over. Yet their medical tyranny is still being pushed on the public….

Tedros has reminded the people that Covid is still a threat despite the lifting of its global health emergency status.

Activist post reports: The implementation of the digital health certificate is among the 307 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) proposed by 94 member nations of the WHO, according to Natural News. The proposed amendments to the IHR are a completely different set of proposals to the “Pandemic Treaty.” Amendments to the IHR were adopted in 2022 without Senate/Parliament confirmation. These amendments could easily be adopted in the same manner.

The Draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty Promises to EQUALLY Destroy Your Rights

The World Health Assembly (WHA) will hold a meeting from May 21-30. In preparation for the upcoming meeting, attendees have been uploading documents, including a progress report called “Report O.”

The report states that there are plans to implement a Global Digital Health certification network.

In an episode of Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” James Roguski warned that while the Global Digital Health Certificate is on “a voluntary basis,” the authorities are currently building the infrastructure necessary to “track and trace everybody on the planet.” –Natural News

As we know, nothing with the ruling class is ever “voluntary.” That’s why they use so much propaganda. No one would “voluntarily” agree to be a slave, yet when they lie and call it “freedom,” people line up like cattle.

If you’ve ever wondered who the real war is against, you shouldn’t have to anymore. It’s always been against us.

Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin also tried to sell the idea of a global surveillance system using the language of a warlike footing, while emphasizing potential business opportunities. Sadikin talked about the enemy which would be pathogens inside human beings that “need surveillance system like when you are being attacked by alien out of the country.”

He said all countries will likely link all radar systems to improve surveillance “if the enemy is coming from outside the planet.” Similarly to that, Sadikin said the world needs to “strengthen and link our radar systems for [a] pathogen.”

The only way these sociopaths can track a pathogen is by tracking human beings with the alleged pathogen. The illusion of freedom is about to crumble.

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