WHO Warns Against Returning To Pre-Pandemic Normal

Fact checked

The World Health Organization (WHO) is saying that the global covid pandemic isn’t over until it says so, warning that too many countries are moving too fast to lift restrictions.

The globalist organisation used social media on Friday to warn those countries to adopt a slower approach to lifting their restritions and follow WHO directions, even as global infection rates continue to tumble.

According to the agency’s medical authorities Mark Ryan and Maria Van Kerkhove, the desire to return to normal was ill-advised and may actually sustain the pandemic, with potentially catastrophic outcomes.

Breitbart reports: Dr Van Kerkhove said countries with high vaccination rates and population immunity are in a better position to lift all restrictions but advised against it.

“We just need to have these countries not do this all or nothing approach because it’s confusing and I don’t blame anyone out there who is confused,” she said.

“I do think that in some situations, the political pressure now to open up and remove all restrictions of all kinds is so high that we may overshoot the runway,” Dr Ryan added.

“If we get hit with another variant, and we’ve already abandoned all measures, it’s going to be really hard to put everything back in place.”