WHO Warns Europe ‘On The Brink’ As ‘Significant’ Coronavirus Resurgence Has Begun

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The World Health Organization has warned that a ‘very significant’ resurgence of Coronavirus has already started, with 30 European countries seeing an uptick in cases.

In its new warning on Thursday, the UN health agency said that Europe has seen its first increase in coronavirus infections for months. If left unchecked, the agency warns this will again push health systems to the brink.

The Express reports: In eleven countries, that increase could cause problems in the autumn when the season flu also hits.

Around 20,000 new cases and 700 deaths are being recorded daily. Regional Director Dr Hans Henri Kluge told a virtual news conference: “For weeks, I have spoken about the risk of resurgence as countries adjust measures.

“In several countries across Europe, this risk has now become a reality – 30 countries have seen increases in new cumulative cases over the past two weeks.

“In 11 of these countries, accelerated transmission has led to very significant resurgence that if left unchecked will push health systems to the brink once again.”

Armenia, Sweden, Moldova, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Kosovo have been identified as those nations.

Dr Kluge praised Poland, Germany, Spain and Israel for their responses to outbreaks.

He said WHO anticipated infections would ease over the rest of the summer.

Though, he added: “But we have indeed to prepare for the fall, when Covid-19 may meet seasonal influenza, pneumonia, other diseases as well, because ultimately the virus is still actively circulating in our communities and there is no effective treatment, no effective vaccine, yet.”

Germany and France, meanwhile have pledged to increase funding to WHO.

Jens Spahn, German Health Minister announced his country planned to give a further £451million this year.

Mr Spahn called for a coordinated response to the crisis: “Isolated national answers to international problems are doomed to fail.”


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  2. Shut the f up unless you present the death rates before this so called pandemic Compare and contrast and also compare treatment modalities being forced onto patients and death rates .Give us the facts not hysteria

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