WikiLeaks: Biden National Security Advisor Told Clinton ‘Al Qaeda Is on Our Side’

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Biden's national security advisor told Clinton that al Qaeda is on our side

Joe Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told Hillary Clinton that al Qaeda “is on our side in Syria” when she was his boss.

Sullivan made the comments to Clinton 2012, making it clear that the Democratic Party is willing to partner with jihadist groups in order to affect regime change in places where nationalists like Bashar al-Assad reign. reports: Sullivan told Clinton in 2012 that “AQ is on our side in Syria,” referring to the note AL-ZAWAHIRI URGES MUSLIM SUPPORT FOR OPPOSITION (U) Al-Qaida leader al-Zawahiri called on Muslims in Turkey and the Middle East to aid rebel forces in their fight against supporters of Syrian President Asad in an interne video recording. Al-Zawahiri also urged the Syrian people not to rely on the AL, Turkey, or the United States for assistance…)”

Ayman al-Zawahiri literally took over as the head of al Qaeda when Osama bin Laden was killed. Not surprisingly for those who have read Sullivan’s email, al-Zawahiri is still operating and causing destabilization in the world.

The email from Sullivan to Clinton was released by Wikileaks.

I reported in 2016 that Hillary Clinton received a memo stating U.S. support for al Qaeda in Iraq, which developed into ISIS, and my article was shared by future President Donald Trump. Clearly, people on the Independent Right and Left know that the neoliberal globalist regime is making matters worse in the Middle East by pitting highly radicalized terrorist groups against their nationalist opponents like Assad, who might end up getting toppled during the Biden presidency. What will replace Assad? The globalist Democrats do not seem to care.


  1. The globaolists feed on instability. It drives their worldwide war for profit machine. They get great joy for human suffering.

  2. Because his side is on the city states side .Because that’s why they’re going to make DC a state too .Because their the 3 musketeers and original Disneyland ,which is a City State ,too is Dartagnon .The young one .They’re all in it together that’s why they HATED Trump because he was ruining centuries of planning for their final.solution . Each has a role to play Vatican is the Law ,London legal financial services, DC military and Disneyland Minds and hearts .

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