Using Ukraine As Example Hillary Clinton Says Women Are ‘Primary Victims’ Of Climate Change

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Hillary Clinton

Women are the “primary victims” of both conflict and climate change, according to twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton made her comments Wednesday during a discussion at the 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi.

For some reason she pointed to Ukraine as being the prime example.

Clinton told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: “Women and children are the primary victims of conflict and of climate change and there is no place that unfortunately, tragically, shows us that more dramatically than Ukraine today,” Clinton despaired to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

Breitbart reports: It remains unclear how, exactly, the conflict in Ukraine demonstrates how women are “primary victims” of climate change, as the current conflict has virtually nothing to do with the planet’s cooling or warming patterns. It also remains unclear how fluctuations in the earth’s temperature — a phenomenon that has occurred throughout the history of the world — disproportionally impacts women.

During the discussion, Brzezinski also asserted that some of our “children and grandchildren have fewer rights than we had.” 

“Can you talk about the consequences of that reality as it pertains to women’s rights in America but also around the world?” she asked Clinton. 

Clinton asserted that progress is being made on a “range of issues” related to women’s rights but declared that the coronavirus had a “disproportionate impact on women and girls around the world.” Consequences, according to Clinton, include “increases in domestic violence, increase[s] in child marriage, increase[s] in unemployment”

“And we have seen organized pushback to the advancement of women,” she said, citing the Secretary General of the United Nations who said that based on current data, “it would take 250 years for women to achieve pay equality” post-coronavirus, according to Clinton:


  1. Since climate change victims don’e really exist, anyone can claim they are the biggest victim. Heck, i’m the biggest victim of the flying spaghetti monster.

  2. I promise I love you Hillary, don’t suicide me for saying this but you libtards have a singular focus when it comes to climate change and to the rest of the world, it looks totally retarded. Liberalism is a disease

  3. The “Double” even testifies to a Congressional Committee.

    Doppelganger: Hillary Clinton using a body double? Social media is certain she is
    Social media is currently abuzz with speculations as to whether US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has a body double or not.
    Shreya Biswas
    Shreya Biswas
    New Delhi,UPDATED: Sep 15, 2016 18:55 IST

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