Yellow Vests Reject Macron’s ‘Rubbish’ Olive Branch – Take To The Streets For 24th Consecutive Week

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The Yellow Vests have taken to the streets in Paris and other French cities for the 24th straight weekend despite Emmanuel Macron ‘s attempts to placate the protest movement with promises of lower taxes.

Dismissing the French President’s speech on Thursday, the activists called for the demonstrations to continue on Saturday.

RT reports: The demonstrators who assembled in Paris, Toulouse and Strasbourg on Saturday appear to signal that despite the French president’s recent concessions to the group, the Yellow Vest movement is alive and well.

Oh Thursday, Macron held the first major press conference of his two-year presidency, in which he announced that he wanted to implement “significant” income tax cuts. The televised conference, however, was not well received among those who have turned out week after week to demonstrate against Macron’s business-friendly austerity measures.

AFP, after interviewing a dozen Yellow Vests in the south of France about their opinion of the press conference, reported that activists thought Macron’s olive branch was “rubbish.”

Protesters carry a placard depicting Eugene Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” as they take part in an anti-government demonstration called by the “Yellow Vest” (gilets jaunes) movement and the Trade Unions in Paris on April 27, 2019. © AFP / Zakaria Abdelkafi

Jérémy Clément, regularly cited as a spokesperson for the movement, told the news agency that “the President has understood our claims, but he hasn’t provided the answers to them.”


  1. I’m really surprised that Macaroni hasn’t blamed them for the Notre Dame fire, using it like his Reichstag Fire.

  2. I hope the protests continue until the corrupt elitist, Macunt is forced to resign. He should be having his head removed by guillotine.

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