You Hate to See It: Anti-Trump Huffpost Staff Laid off en Masse

Fact checked
HuffPo lays off anti-Trump staff en masse

Far-left outlet Huffington Post has been forced to lay off a massive number of employees amid dwindling traffic to their anti-Trump articles online.

You hate to see it! reports: It’s also pretty funny.

Antifa journo Luke O’Brien got the ax:

It’s hard to believe people no one wants to read exposés about Ali Alexander!

Robins-Early bashed Rush Limbaugh in death:

The Intercept, which Glenn Greenwald ditched last year over their suppression of stories critical of Joe Biden, said donations are collapsing now that Trump is out of office:

Despite his shortcomings, Trump completely discredited the media over the past four years. Now that he’s out of office, leftoids are tuning out and his absence may destroy their bottom line.


  1. Arent the two most hated professions lawyers and journalists ? It’s hard to garner sympathy from the public Theyre not even generally sympathetic anyway Too self absorbed narcissistic , and apathetic .Smoking crack does that .

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