Senator Blasts Biden for ‘Running Biggest Child Sex Trafficking Ring in History’

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Senator blasts Biden for running massive child sex trafficking ring

During a hearing Wednesday, Senator Josh Hawley exposed how Biden regime officials have knowingly facilitated the biggest ‘child sex trafficking ring’ in U.S. history.

Hawley grilled Office of Refugee Resettlement Director Robin Dunn Marcos, noting that sex trafficking of migrant children has skyrocketed under the Biden administration.

The New York Times recently reported that the Department of Health and Human Services has completely lost contact with at over 85,000 UACs since they were released to adult sponsors. reports: “How many kids, right now, of the 430,000 approximately unaccompanied children who have crossed the border under this administration — it’s an astounding number — how many are you in regular contact with right now?” Hawley asked the official.

After attempting to skirt around the answer, Marcos said “I don’t have the specific number.”

“How can you not know? Why would you come to this hearing and not know?” an astounded Hawley replied.

The Senator continued, “Respectfully, I would like you to do your job and not release children to human traffickers. Respectfully, that’s what I would like. I would like you to not facilitate the largest child trafficking ring in American history.”

Marcos also could not give any details of how many background checks are carried out on adult sponsors.

“Do you do home visits in these cases where you can actually see where these children are being released, whose care you’re putting them in?” Hawley asked, to which Dunn Marcos responded, “We do not do home visits in all cases.”

“Do you really think that you are helping these children by releasing them to labor traffickers and yes, sex traffickers?” Hawley further noted, adding “85,000 children whom you have no contact with and your answer is—we gave them a presentation before we turned them over to these people who are exploiting them on a scale not seen in this country for 100 years.”

Watch the full exchange:

The rest of Wednesday’s hearing exposed how Biden officials seem to be totally clueless about what is happening to the millions of illegal immigrants that are entering the country:

Democrats continue to assert that by raising such questions Republicans are engaged in an effort to “sabotage” the Biden administration’s effort to “fix” the border:

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