Jeff Sessions Fires Swamp’s Dirtiest Creature – Andrew McCabe

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AG Jeff Sessions has fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, just before he was set to retire and claim his full pension.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, just over 24 hours before he was set to retire and claim his full pension benefits after a long career in the FBI during which he earned a reputation as one of the swamp’s dirtiest creatures.

Sessions noted that both the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz as well as the FBI’s disciplinary office had found “that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions.

So, McCabe was involved in leaks and he lied under oath.

Horowitz found that McCabe had authorized two FBI officials to talk to then-Wall Street Journal reporter Devlin Barrett for a story about the case and another investigation into Clinton’s family foundation. Barrett now works for The Washington Post. –WaPo

Friday was the last business day for the Trump administration to fire former deputy FBI director and Clinton ally Andrew McCabe before he qualified for his $55,230 per year pension – comprised of our tax money. He’s been on so-called “terminal leave” since the time of the Nunes FISA memo.

But Jeff Sessions finally seized the moment and fired McCabe, and now bent former Clinton spook/alleged New York Times leak organizer will have to settle for a mere $0/year and no medical insurance in pension benefits.

Former FBI officials tell CNN that McCabe could also lose out on future health care coverage in his retirement,  but the “most significant ‘damage’ to a separated FBI employee is: loss of lifetime medical benefits for self and family,” tweeted CNN law enforcement analyst James A. Gagliano, a retired FBI supervisory special agent.

It has been reported McCabe spent four hours at the DOJ on Friday afternoon begging for his pension entitlements. The lack of a lifetime of medical insurance is certainly a bitter pill for the dirty cop to swallow. But frankly, McCabe is lucky not to be in handcuffs, leg irons and a belt chain.

Only in the DOJ can an official allegedly commit treason and the only question becomes whether or not they’ll get to keep their full government pension. Judging by Rosenstein and Mueller, treason isn’t even a fireable offense in the post-Obama justice department.

So, I’ve been calling on President Trump to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, Ray and McCabe for a while now. McCabe is the low man on that totem pole and ending his formal employment before his pension fully vests is a good start at draining the swamp.

McCabe is as crooked as they come and the very definition of the D.C. swamp creature.

As you may recall, McCabe’s wife ran for office as a Democrat and accepted $675,000 in campaign contributions from Terry McAuliffe, a close Clinton ally and the Democratic governor of Virginia. Afterwards, McCabe appeared to help throw the game in the Hillary emailgate unvestigation.

Recently, it came out that the still-unpublished Inspector General’s report found that McCabe authorized some of his DOJ colleagues to speak to the New York Times for an article downplaying his role in botching the potential Clinton prosecution. But now he is out of a job and will not be collecting the $1.8 million he thought he was due.

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