Kids Found Alive In ‘Nailed Boxes’ Were Part Of Trafficking Ring

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Police say kids found buried alive in nailed boxes were part of child sex trafficking operation

A couple in Missouri have been arrested after police discovered young children nailed in plywood boxes at their home.

Laura Cheatham, 38, and Daryl J. Head, 38, were arrested following the discovery of the four children and charged separately with eight counts of child endangerment and kidnapping. It is suspected that the children were part of a trafficking ring.

St. Francois County Sheriff Daniel Bullock said that the children were likely locked inside the boxes “for weeks.” reports: He said the kids, whose ages range from 6-12, had no access to water, restrooms or windows, and the home reeked of urine.

“I’ve seen some pretty nasty things, but nothing this deplorable,” the sheriff added.

He said the four children, three girls and a boy, had been adopted by Cheatham and her estranged husband, but she was living with another man — Head — in the home. Two of the four children are related to each other but none are related to the adults, the sheriff added.

The charges could put the suspects behind bars for decades, prosecuting attorney Jerrod Mahurin said.

Law enforcement responded earlier Tuesday after someone called Missouri’s Child Abuse Hotline to report the home in Farmington, Fox 2 reported.

When investigators tried to enter the home, Head reportedly would not let them in at first. Ultimately they said they saw Cheatham unscrewing the plywood holding the boxes shut.

The four children have been placed in the care of Missouri’s Children’s Division.

Farmington is about an hour’s drive south of St. Louis.


  1. Thank for getting the news out. 90% of America still does not get it. 40% Never will; In fact my pet dog has a better chance of understanding this than some Americans do.

    • Sadly, I think you’re right. Also, they gave these children to Missouri Children’s Divison – these govt agencies such as Child Protective Services etc. are mostly involved in child sex trafficking. Ive watched this for a long time. Hope those kids will be returned to their parents and SOON. WHY DIDNT THEY TRY TO FIND THE PARENTS FIRST?

      • That is an interesting point. I am sure that if they did find the parents that it would have been disclosed.

  2. This is called satanic ritual abuse and is happening all the time unfortunately. Torture, split the mind and create alternative personalities, drugs, hypnotism, demonology, next thing you know, you’ve created a mind control slave.

  3. This is a good idea. As penalty for the couple and for other sex traffickers and sex criminals put them in nailed boxes. We could save prison real estate.

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