‘100% Digital’: WEF Orders Govt’s To Outlaw Cash For ‘Non-Licensed Individuals’

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Using cash to make anonymous purchases that are not monitored by the central bank's invasive monitoring system will soon the reserved for VIP elites who hold licenses to use cash, if we allow Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum to roll out their carefully laid plans.

Using cash to make anonymous purchases that are not monitored by the central bank’s invasive monitoring system will soon the reserved for VIP elites who hold licenses to use cash, if we allow Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to roll out their carefully laid plans.

The WEF hosted a summit in Saudi Arabia to quietly share the details of their disturbing plans to completely ban cash in favor of a 100 percent digital system, while admitting the Covid pandemic was part of the plan to transition consumers away from cash and into the cold embrace of central banks.

Unfortunately for the global elite and their backroom negotiations in the world’s most repressive states, we are watching them like a hawk, we have insiders walking the corridors and blowing the whistle, and it is our duty to expose their diabolical plans to the world.

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During a WEF meeting in Saudi Arabia last week, the Central Bank Governor of Bahrain Khalid Humaidan said ordinary people cannot be trusted to spend their money how they see fit, and the elite must completely ban cash in the near future in favor of a fully digital solution.

Humaidan also casually boasted that the general public is going to accept the elite’s transition to a central bank digital currency or CBDC without a struggle.

Did you catch that? The central bank governor actually said that the people trust the central banks to do whatever they want with our money.

Disturbingly, according to Humaidan, the elites are not only planning to clamp down on cash for ordinary people, they are hellbent on eliminating it completely.

“At some point in time hopefully we’ll be able to be 100 percent digital,” he boasted.

Getting rid of cash will prohibit the anonymous transfer of funds, a premise already admitted by the banking sector.

Speaking at the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Summit in March 2023, European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde admitted that a CBDC will not be private or anonymous, but she tried to sweeten the deal by promising that cash won’t be banned completely.

Every time we give the elite an inch, they take a mile.

Fast forward one year and the elite have already backtracked on their promise not to ban cash.

Cornell University professor Eswar Prasad spoke at the WEF’s ‘Summer Davos’ summit in Tianjing, China, also known as the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, where he admitted the elite will have the power to monitor and control each and every transaction across the whole world.

He wasn’t joking about the dark place the technology is threatening to unleash on humanity. Wait until you see what is already happening in Australia. The citizens allowed the government confiscate their guns, then they let them mandate vaccines. Now the elites are banning them from using cash.

Meet Jared Bernstein. He’s the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers which makes him Biden’s chief economic advisor.

His background? Nothing to do with economics. He has a BA in Music and a PhD in, err, Social Welfare.

Watch this and you will see, he simply does not understand the fundamental concepts needed to speak about economics. This is all the evidence anybody needs to understand the Biden administration is not running anything. They were selected by the global elite for their incompetence.

While the Biden administration continues to expose itself in new and shocking ways, the globalists have their beady eyes fixed on the prize.

The General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements Agustín Carstens, made clear during an International Monetary Fund meeting in October 2020 that the whole point of CBDCs is to seize control of what people are spending their money on.

If the central bank doesn’t approve of your purchase or the merchant you are buying from, they will not allow you to spend your money.

“We will have the technology to enforce that,” warns Carstens.

If you want a sneak peek of this dystopian future, look no further than Australia, the once proud nation that is fast becoming the elite’s testing ground for their authoritarian agenda.

The WEF-infiltrated Australian government is moving to ban physical cash nationwide in favor of a CBDC and will soon force all members of the public to carry a Bill Gates-approved “digital passport” to participate in society.

Of course, the government are claiming these dystopian reforms are about safety. I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you what this is really about.

Meanwhile, Australia’s largest banks are banning cash from their operations and forcing customers to move to a digital-only system.

Macquarie Bank announced it will phase out cash, check, and phone payments this year as it transitions to digital-only transactions.

Australia is not the only state to have fallen under the totalitarian control of the globalist elite.

The European Parliament has reached an agreement on the mandatory rollout of Bill Gates’ Digital ID which has inbuilt features designed to exclude people from participating in society if they do not comply with the globalist agenda.

The People’s Voice has been warning the masses for years that a key plan in the globalist agenda involves Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies to lock humanity in a digital prison.

Meanwhile, the European Union has just admitted that we were right all along.

The elite has always denied these plans, describing anybody who dared to expose their plans as “conspiracy theorists” who need to be muzzled on social media, frozen out of society, and in some cases thrown in prison.

But now the globalists are making their move.

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