13-Yr-Old Girl Told Not To Tell Parents That School Counselor Had Given Her A Chest Binder

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A school counselor secretly provided a “chest binder” to a 13-year-old girl and encouraged her to hide the fact she was wearing the device from her parents.

The girls furious Mother, Amber Lavigne from Maine, told the National Review that she found her daughter’s chest-flattening garment in December and confronted the teen who initially lied by saying that a friend gave it to her.

It is also alleged that other members of staff at the school helped affirm the girl’s newfound male identity, calling her by a male name and using male pronouns.

Infowars reports: Lavigne is now calling for an investigation after learning a male school employee allegedly urged her daughter to wear the breast-flattening undergarment meant to help the girl appear as a male.

The mother’s attorneys argue the school advising the child on gender transitioning behind the backs of parents is unconstitutional.

“Parents aren’t going to be able to effectively ensure the safety of their kids if they’re missing out on critical information involving their kids,” said one of Lavigne’s lawyers.

The attorneys, working for Arizona’s Goldwater Group, sent a letter to the chairman of the Great Salt Bay school board demanding an investigation and requesting the board update its policies to state parents must be informed in situations like this going forward.

The Maine mother also revealed she’s “a Democrat who runs a mental-health-services business” that “has worked with transgender clients over the years.”

Lavigne’s party affiliation is relevant because the story comes in the wake of a massive political struggle surrounding the sexual transitioning of children in America.

The teen girl reportedly “started talking about a friend being pansexual, and another friend being polysexual,” when she was only 11 years old, with her mother thinking at the time, “Why are we talking sexual right now? You’re 11.”

The mother said this corruption of the minds of U.S. schoolchildren is “a social contagion.”

“I have people in my life who work in other public schools in Maine. This is happening everywhere: One day this girl is declaring she’s a boy, and a week later she’s deciding she’s not,” she told National Review.

When it comes to her daughter, Lavigne explained she’s “not allowing her to make life-altering decisions right now” and is concerned she could begin “taking testosterone” and “mutilate her body” when she turns 18.


  1. Like the Japanese binding feet I’ve always hated schools and institutions that make themselves the boss of their subjects ruling over the family The fascists State triumphant at work and play.
    Yet I realise many parents are unfit for the role thanks to state failures in education, but there’s the rub. It’s the fascists fault which they then use to justify their seeming concern for community welfare
    The hegelian dialectic their tool.

  2. When a school counselor secretly provides a “chest binder” to a

    13-year-old girl and encourages her to hide the fact shes wearing the

    device from her parents is GROOMING. What else has this school staff member done… secretly.

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