5 Hidden Facts That Prove Baltimore Bridge Collapse Was an Inside Job

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5 fact that prove Baltimore bridge collapse was an inside job.

The second busiest infrastructure corridor in the United States, Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, was just destroyed before our very eyes, and the mainstream media and government immediately declared that it was nothing more than an “accident.”

Watch the footage below of the ship, during the last minute or two, as it suddenly turns about 30 percent directly towards one of only two load-bearing pylons near the end of each side of the bridge, bringing the entire bridge down in an obvious deliberate act of sabotage. Yet, despite this, the mainstream media immediately reported that the incident was an accident.

Naturalnews.com reports: There had been no investigation at all, since the ship crashed into the bridge not long after midnight, and all the fake news began their coverage (pardon the pun) by the time the morning newspapers were printed, for the morning news commuters to gobble up. How convenient our mass media industrial complex solves these cases for the FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, Coast Guard, Navy, and every other government-run entity.

Nothing more to see here folks. Just a couple guys mis-steering a boat into a bridge (that was conveniently cleared in the last 3 minutes by police who got radio calls that the ship was heading for the bridge, even though the ship made the big turn in the last minute or two. (Hint, hint)

Top 5 reasons the Baltimore Bridge destruction was likely an inside job rather than an “accidental crash” or “cyber attack”

  1. Mainstream media immediately worked in tandem to call it an accident across all fake new media, including internet print, radio and television news.
  2. This bridge destruction cripples the supply of gasoline-powered vehicles for years to come, fueling the communist installation of government-controlled electric vehicles for the fake “climate change” agenda.
  3. The port was a major thoroughfare for fuels that keep the U.S. economy functional, which the Biden Regime wants to cripple for more control of the population.
  4. This is a huge hit to U.S. infrastructure, just like burning down food production facilities, fertilizer plants and other resource structures needed to feed the populace.
  5. This is just another brick in the wall for cementing the communist overthrow of the Republic, so expect many more bridges and tunnels to be “accidentally” destroyed by the Biden Regime soon.

Realize that this is bigger than just a container ship crashing into a bridge. This destroys a major hazardous materials supply chain mega-port. This cripples the supply of refined fuels. This incapacitates a huge supply line for propane gas. This cuts off a major artery of delivery of diesel fuel, nitrogen, flammable supplies and chemicals. Also be aware that oversized containers cannot go through the tunnels.

The American food supply chain also will take huge hit, meaning inflation on food should be expected to skyrocket within months. This is a major blow to basic staple diet for the U.S. economy to function for the next 4 to 5 years. Sure, a cyber attack on ship navigation systems is possible, and if that’s the case, the media was most likely ordered to cover it up to protect Biden’s election. The is just the “tip of the iceberg” folks. Get ready for many more ports, bridges, tunnels and other key infrastructure in America to suffer from crazy, non-planned, intricately impossible “accidents” like this one.

At this point, you have to be a conspiracy theorist to WATCH the nightly national news on television and believe anything they say.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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