8 Year Old Boy Dies After Suffering Cardiac Arrest At Indoor Play Centre

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child dies after caridac arrest

An eight year old boy has died after having a cardiac arrest at an indoor play centre, according to reports.

The child was at the Crash Bang Wallop soft play centre in Walsall when the emergency incident happened.

Paramedics who rushed to the scene found the boy in a critical condition and gave him vital life support according to a report by Birmingham Live.

The child was then rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital but tragically died following the incident at around 4.30pm on Tuesday.

His death is not being treated as suspicious and has been referred to the coroner.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “We were called to a play centre on Lindon Road, Walsall yesterday (1 Feb) to reports a child had gone into cardiac arrest.

“An eight-year-old boy was taken to hospital but despite the best efforts of emergency services, he sadly died.

‘His death is not being treated as suspicious and has been referred to the coroner.”


  1. Every one of these heart related deaths in young people should be looked at as suspicious, with criminal intent in mind.

    • I would say it is highly suspicious that an 8 year old had a heart attack. unless they know it was caused by the covid vax

  2. i don’t think they are vaxing 8 year olds in the UK. but i don’t know, I take that back they are. this could be a vaccine death.

  3. walter reed SPFN presidental vax is safe but the masses may never see that vax that even prevents any strain of any covid infection and that is why none of them have covid and don`t have to follow the same glide lines as the masses

  4. Considering the brilliance of all of the scientific geniuses at knowing what’s good for us it’s incredible how sickly the world is. Hospitals overflowing and yet doctors surgeries and pharmacies everywhere Food and drug experts safeguarding us from evil and doctors all over babies from birth and still the whole place is just gushing with sick people everyday all the time everyday never ending sickness and disease.

  5. Crimes against humanity being perpetrated as usual by the Rule of law take many firms but typically involve total deceit.

    • Forms. Death by good intentions earning trillions BTW, surely isn’t a crime comparable to having sex with a willing teenager who’s about 5 years younger who your madly in Love with is it.?

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