9th Las Vegas Shooting Witness Found Dead In Less Than 2 Months

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Roy McClellan, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen, has become the ninth survivor to die.

Roy McClellan, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has become the ninth survivor to die in suspicious circumstances following the 1 October attack.

McClellan, a Las Vegas native, was killed suddenly when a driver plowed into him before speeding away on Homestead and Highway 160 in Pahrump on Nov. 17.

The hit-and-run left Roy McClellan’s widow, Denise, with another wave of heartache, seven weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre with her husband.

“It was really messing with his head and he was going to therapy,” explained Denise McClellan, who also questioned why Roy McClellan was killed seven weeks after the mass shooting.

“This isn’t what I wanted for him. I don’t understand why he wasn’t taken at the shooting, but a month later he was taken this way,” said McClellan. “I hope my husband found peace and he’s safe now.”


If you would like to help McClellan’s family, a GoFundMe account has been set up.

McClellan’s case is far from the first account of a Las Vegas shooting survivor dying. Last month, a couple who attended the country music concert died after their vehicle suddenly veered off the road outside their home and crashed into a gate, exploding into a fireball on impact.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver, who insisted there were multiple shooters involved in the Las Vegas attack, were both killed instantly. A spokesman for the local fire authority said it took fire fighters over one hour to extinguish the blaze.

Seven weeks have passed since the Las Vegas shooting and we still do not have answers about what happened in the Mandalay Bay that night, or why nine eyewitness survivors who were questioning the official narrative, plus one high profile attorney, have wound up dead.

The official narrative stinks so badly that mainstream media outlets have been forced by their viewers to begin questioning the event.

An alliance of mainstream media outlets are now suing authorities in Nevada for covering-up the truth about what happened during the Las Vegas shooting, demanding officials turn over law enforcement records relating to the massacre that left 58 people dead.

But mainstream media is playing catch up. Alternative media and independent investigative journalists have been responsible for pursuing the truth about what happened in Vegas on 1 October, and shining a light on the major cover up taking place before our very eyes.

A staggering nine survivors, eyewitnesses and a legal attorney representing key players in the Las Vegas shooting have died in suspicious circumstances. Others are missing. What are the odds on nine people dying, the majority of them very young, in such a short space of time?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. The “official narrative,” parroted by the lamestream media, stinks like month-old fish-and-deer-guts stew baked in the sun. And — Need I say it? — the statistical probability of that many eyewitnesses dying within that span of time, that close in time to the incident, each having a similar perspective, is well beyond the realm of coincidence. Sounds like it’s time to call in reliable law enforcement agency to do the investigating. I’d have suggested the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but by now we all know how corrupt they are! Who’s left? No one‽ That’s right! No one with jurisdiction! It’s time for a Trump card to be dealt!

    De Oppresso Liber

    • I wasn’t there, you weren’t there. So we don’t really know.

      But assuming there IS something rotten in the state of Denmark, do you have any hypothesis as to the motive? Because I sure don’t.

      • Sigbab – I very much doubt you have the facilities to determine whether I was there or not, nor were I, there would be little to gain (at this point) by admitting it. That said, I’ll affirm that I was not there and take your word for it that you weren’t either.

        Now to your question: Did you wish me to hypothesize as to the motive(s) for the entire incident or the motive(s) for employing multiple shooters, or the motive(s) for employing a single shooter, or the motives(s) for covering up the employment of more than one shooter, or the motive(s) for the present narrative(s) from “officieal sources?”

        In brief, however, it serves no useful purpose for “official sources” to expound on the multiple shooter scenario. (That should come at a later mass shooting.) A possible motive, presuming skulduggery, is the age-old, left-wing, “We need to control guns, so no one has the opportunity to commit such a criminal act.” In other words, control the masses for the act(s) of one person. Later, again presuming an as yet unproven conspiracy, the stakes can be ramped up to admitting to and investigating multiple shooters, thereby compounding the weight for a call to control the access of law-abiding Americans to weaponry for assuring their own safety, including that from a tyrannical government. (Any government wishing to control its citizens, to the extent exhibited by left-wing extremists, is tyrannical, by definition.

        The paragraph immediately above only brushes past the tip of the motive iceberg. Between Alinsky, Mao, and established psyop means of achieving objectives, the issue of motive(s) would take several tomes. Suffice to say that the objective/motive is power.

        De Oppresso Liber

  2. This sounds like the CIA Vault-7 project at work where they can take control of a vehicle remotely and make it crash. In this particular case, it was obvious paid killers so that the true story doesnt get out there.
    Who are these monsters behind this?

    • Illluminaties/satanists who works for the devil. Read bible, New Testament chapter 12 & 13 of St John Revelation/Apocalypse. This is where we are now exact moment. It will open your yes wide and big.

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  3. There were at least 5 shooters from different directions. Inside job from the devil him self who wants to take your guns America and leave you unarmed…Never allow this ….Fight for your freedom fight globalists and N W O

  4. Sorry, but that’s my Mom and her husband right there. This is all ridiculous conspiracy theory shit. This has nothing to do with the CIA or the Illuminati satanists. None of you even knew him! The fact is, Roy was killed by a dumb driver who didn’t have the guts to pull over and see if Roy was alive. Roy was a good man and helped save lives at the Las Vegas shootings. But, this is taking things too far. I do NOT need my mother seeing all of your dumb theories while she’s trying to grieve. Roy is with God now. Let him be.

    • Sorry for your loss, the problem i see is he is the 9th victim to go that was an eye witness. Making many ppl question if the accident was by a hit man and not just a random dumb driver. Did he actually question what happened in Vegas or is that fabricated. That info would be greatly appreciated and hope your mom is being strong she had a good brave man

    • I would suggest you have your Mom stay off the internet. It will be filled with those who have an opinion or theory or some other need to comment. At least your Mom can have a semblance of control over what she sees and hears.

  5. What are the odds? Well let’s see in any 12 months 824 per 100,000 people in the US die. There were 20,000 concert goers, so 165 expect deaths in 12 months, so one would expect 27 deaths in 2 months. Only 9 have died.

    • What an incredibly clueless analysis. You understand 5th grade division and think it makes you a statistician lol. The VAST majority of the 824 who die are OLD. The people at the concert were YOUNG. You are not remotely close. You would have to break down the 824 with a probability distribution function by age, then superimpose the age distribution of the concert goers, and integrate. The age distribution of the 824 would neither be linear or gaussian. There would be a cluster around 82 for women and 75 for men (life expectancy), with a much smaller bump around 16-18 for car accidents, and relatively few in-between (the concert goers). The number you would get is far less than 27. It’s far less than 9.

      • Oh I knew a moron would comment. You know who else wasn’t at the concert. Kids 1-17 which has the lowest death rate so it kind of evens out. Even if you assumed that all the concert goers were between 16-50 the death rate wouldn’t be less than 1/3 the normal. Not to mention a few of those 6 died on motorcycles which has a MUCH higher death rate than other drivers especially since they were not wearing helmets. but you didn’t take that into account

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