A Fifth Whale Washes Up In Lincolnshire

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Another sperm whale has been found washed up on the east coast of England.

It follows the the death of a beached whale in Hunstanton, Norfolk, on Friday and the discovery of three dead whales on a beach in Skegness over the weekend.

The sperm whales are believed to be from the same pod that was spotted off the Norfolk coast.

Experts are investigating whether they are linked to 12 sperm whales that have washed up on the Dutch island of Texel and the German islands of Wangerooge and Helgoland since 11 January.

Anti-nuclear activists have been condemned for spraying graffiti on the three whales that washed ashore in Skegness.

The message “Fukushima RIP – man killed me” was painted along the back of one whale, while “CND” was sprayed on the tail of another.

The BBC reports: The fifth whale was found at Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, on Monday afternoon, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency reported.

Marine biologists were using a probe to examine one of the Skegness whales earlier on Monday when there was a “huge blast of air”, said BBC reporter David Sykes.

The letters CND had been spray-painted by someone on the whale’s tail.

CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) said the action was not carried out by the organisation at a national level.

The word “fukushima” – presumably a reference to the stricken Japanese nuclear power station – was also written on the side of the whale’s body.


Scientists from the Zoological Society were carrying out postmortem examinations on the Skegness whales on Monday to find out how they died.

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