A New Hope? GMO Food: Battles Lost, War Won, Consciousness Changed

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Hope In The Battle Over GMO Food?

Is there finally a glimmer of hope in the long standing battle over GMO food?  A recent article suggests as much:

In the age of rapid marketing campaigns, viral slogans and mass multimedia, companies have reinvented and deepened their consumer reach. Indeed, companies are now able to tout their products and services to consumers in ways limited only by imagination. Even political candidates have jumped on the band wagon with brand Obama winning ‘Marketer of the year’ in 2008. Where is it all leading? Have we reached advertising burnout? Have our minds reached full saturation with ads, slogans and clever tag-lines?

GMO Food: Great Products No One Knows Where To Buy

Nowadays, quick searches of the Internet will unknowing attract a battalion of advertisements rushing towards you like mosquitoes on a humid summer evening. These ads are typically composed of companies eager to show off their stuff not caring if they annoy you with their pop-up ads or targeted email advertising. Every company has their emblem or logo plastered over products and packaging like mini billboards showing off their newborn creations like proud mothers and fathers.

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So why are GMO manufacturers some of the first sectors in history that don’t market to the consumer? Furthermore we have, for the first time in the history of marketing, these same companies fighting (and taking major legal action) at all costs to keep their name and product information off the packaging. In fact, these manufacturers don’t even want their products in the public eye.

Basic marketing classes across the country are feverishly attempting to rewrite their college textbooks to include such underhanded tactics. Professors are struggling to answer student’s questions regarding the purpose of such practices. Even big tobacco plastered their name and products all over the world with devilish glee. The US population as a whole is left with one big question mark. Logic and basic marketing principles be damned, the GMO companies attempting to own and patent nature forge ahead with the best product that no one knows where to buy, how to find, or what it really is.

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So how are Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and other GMO peddlers making all of this money to continue to constantly expand aggressively across the world? The business model is becoming clear:

Step 1: Create a market no one knows about
Step 2: Allow no competition
Step 3: Protect your monopoly through legal action and buy up your competition
It’s clear now that we, the public, must be supporting a large part of this GMO food. Why else would multi-millions be spent by GMO food manufacturers in California, Oregon and Colorado to defeat a simple label on the package that their product is in? I say to Monsanto et al., “Be proud of your products and tout their benefits.”  After all, long-term independent studies show they are okay for us to eat…right?

Consciousness Shifted

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The battle lines were drawn long ago from the brave whistleblowers and teachers like Don Huber, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and many others that were ahead of the curve in warning of the upcoming fight. Now we are at the crossroads. We are facing our generation’s big tobacco companies who are devious, underhanded, and possess deep pockets to lobby in the shadows of Congress and the halls of the White House. Yet unlike the tobacco companies who lied to us in the past, GMO manufacturers have revealed an overarching hand to impact our children and their children’s health. Would it have been fair if your grandfather’s smoking habit was still damaging your children, grandchildren, and so on? This is potentially what we are facing having long been proposed by leading voices and now confirmed by studies.

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Unlike generations of cigarette smokers past, scores of other countries have made it clear that they want nothing to do with our unlabeled GMO food. In addition, regulations have been passed forbidding many types of GMO crops to be grown in a large collection of aware countries. Where big tobacco knew no borders, GMO food is a disease incubated in the United States and tested on their population. Yet now, it appears that the population has had enough. The outcome of the recent voting measures in Colorado and Oregon is now of little significance. Many companies see the writing on the wall and are jumping ship in the name of bottom line profit, market share and integrity. All of which will be remembered by a consumer base that is hyper-informed and increasing their knowledge base at Ethernet speeds. What took decades in the past to shed light on and dislodge big tobacco companies is now taking years with GMO companies. In the near future it is possible to see almost real time rejection of dishonest companies, practices and labeling.

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This is not simple rhetoric, this is a warning to corporations that we will give no quarter to those among you that drag your feet at our requests. In the information age of sound bites and limited attention spans, we will continue to surprise you with our long, sharp memories of your abuse, lies and legal attacks on farmers, companies and entire states (Vermont). So in closing, a message to GMO manufacturers & big corporations that tow the line for you: On your way to battlefield Oregon/Colorado, know that you have already lost. Your last gasp efforts to buy up competition to your monopoly have also failed. Communities have you checkmated at every turn. We are rapidly decentralizing, growing our own food, and taking back our power. Your time is at hand and history will not be kind to you.

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“Even though we’ve lost some battles, we are winning the war. You may not be aware of it but there is a clear demand at stores for non-GMO products that exceeds the demand for ‘organic’ products. Within literally two years, we have changed the consciousness of the public to understand that non-GMO is more important than organic.” -Dr. Joseph Mercola (October 31st interview)


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