ABC News ‘Accidentally’ Airs VIP Elites Performing a Satanic Ritual to Millions of Viewers

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ABC News accidentally shows clip of elite officials performing a satanic ritual

ABC News accidentally cut to footage showing a disturbing Satanic ritual featuring powerful officials to millions of viewers on Friday.

Yes, really.

Australian TV channel ABC was in the middle of a broadcast with anchor Yvonne Yong who was discussing a story about Queensland’s proposal to make it a criminal offense to injure or kill police dogs and horses. 

Suddenly, Yong pauzed unexpectedly as footage of masked officials in suits flashed on the screen. The broadcast then cut to a full-blown satanic ritual. A person wearing a black robe could be heard shouting “Hail, Satan,” surrounded by large upside-down crosses.

WATCH: reports: The broadcast cuts back to Yong, who, after a brief moment of silence, switches to a different story as if nothing had happened.

It is not clear whether the Satanic footage was part of another story, or had come from elsewhere, and ABC has not commented on the matter.

Several people online linked devil-worshippers with members of the Noosa Temple of Satan, which is currently suing Queensland’s Education Department to have religious instruction classes taught in schools.

According to Australian media, the Satanists, led by Robin Bristow, also known as Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, want the federal government to scrap its religious discrimination bill and replace it with a human rights act.

The Noosa Temple of Satan retweeted the clip, adding that “Satan works in mysterious ways.” 

Commenters on social media, meanwhile, joked that the newscast was an “unfair slight on Satanists,” and hoped for the clip to stay with 666 retweets, which it has now surpassed. 


  1. They accidentally cut to the camera in the room where the news anchors prepare for their broadcasts. They have to make sure their demons are right before they go on air.

  2. The Law cannot make fictional things legal entities California first then the UN declared the Church of Satan legal .
    Sharon Tate was a Satanist and she said “Satan is beautiful “.She found out .

  3. Religion was created to control the masses, and really the producer in the studio just had to cut back to main camera. People let the media play mind games with them, this is not important or entertaining.

  4. An upside down cross is not “Satanic.” That’s Church of St Peter symbolism.

    Either way, Lucifer is a much nicer person than Yahweh.

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