Academy Of Breastfeeding Advises Hospitals Use The Term ‘Father’s Milk’ To Be More ‘Gender Inclusive’

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The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine in the US is advising hospitals and health carers to change their language to be more “gender-inclusive”.

The new guidelines suggest using terms like “chestfeeding” “lactating person” or “human milk feeding” in place of traditional term” like breastfeeding” or “nursing mother”. It also suggests woke alternatives to “breast milk” like “human milk”, “parent’s milk”, and even “father’s milk.”

Meanwhile in the UK, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has issued a new draft guideline that says trans men should be supported to “chestfeed” their babies should they choose to do so.

InfoWars reports: Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright tweeted a screenshot, which shows that the guide also suggests using the terms “gestational parent” instead of ‘mother’, “lactating person” instead of ‘nursing mother’, and “chestfeeding” instead of ‘breastfeeding’:

Even the word ‘breast’ doesn’t escape the newspeak diktat, being replaced with ‘mammary gland’.

Wright told The Post Millenial “This document was sent to me by a friend whose wife is a hospital nurse for new moms and their babies.”

“He said this new ‘inclusive terminology’ is being implemented at her hospital, and that nurses and other health professionals are being required to ask each patient what terms they wish to have used when discussing their care,” Wright added.

He continued, “While this policy is portrayed as creating a friendly and ‘inclusive’ hospital atmosphere, I think most people would rather have nurses focused on more important things like medications and proper dosages instead of devoting mental real estate to memorizing lists of inane ‘inclusive’ terminology.”

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