Adam Schiff Admits He’s ‘Haunted’ By Failure To Remove Trump – ‘There Are 50,000 Americans Now Dead’

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claims that "50,000 Americans" would still be alive if the Republican majority Senate removed President Trump from office in the impeachment sham.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) claims that “50,000 Americans” would still be alive if the Republican majority Senate removed President Trump from office in the impeachment sham.

Schiff told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that he is “haunted” by his inability to convince the Senate that President Trump was guilty.

I don’t think we had any idea how much damage he would go on to do in the months ahead,” Schiff claimed. “There are 50,000 Americans now who are dead, in significant part because of his incompetence, because of his inability to think beyond himself and put the country first.”

“I don’t think we would have ever anticipated that his brand of narcissism and his brand of incompetence would be so fatal to the American people,” he asserted.

MentalRecession report:

It Was Schiff’s Impeachment Charade That Cost Lives

There is a whole boatload of stupidity to unpack in those comments, not the least of which is that Schiff seems unaware – perhaps because he was focused on impeaching rather than governing – that the President had already taken significant steps to slow the spread of the virus.

While the resistance party was plotting their impeachment gambit, Trump was setting up a coronavirus task force, ordering more testing and ventilators, restricting travel from countries known to be battling the virus, and declaring a national emergency.

The first reported case of coronavirus in the United States came on January 21st. The impeachment charade ended in the Senate on February 5th.

Is Schiff really under the impression that Trump’s ouster and Vice President Mike Pence’s takeover of the presidency (he is Chair of the coronavirus task force) would have led to different results? Especially when it had already been in the country for two weeks at least, likely longer?

Schiff Lied, People Died

Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), has already debunked the claim that more should have been done by President Trump in the month of February.

“You keep calling February this lost month, it’s really not,” Crenshaw told HBO star Bill Maher previously. “It’s just an easy, cheap accusation because there’s no big bold moves taken like there was in January or like there was in March.”

Crenshaw noted that even as of March 3rd, there were still only 100 coronavirus cases in the United States and that Americans weren’t going to accept a lockdown at that point.

Which makes Schiff’s point moot.

Anybody with a working set of eyes and ears is aware that it was the impeachment hoax that took Congress’s focus off of the coronavirus.

It was Schiff and his Democrat colleagues who bogged down an entire nation with their little impeachment dreams while the coronavirus was beginning to flourish.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino responded to Schiff’s claims, spitting fire on Twitter:


Buckle up. He’s about to do much further damage.

Schiff vowed two weeks ago to conduct a thorough investigation into the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are diving deeply into what does the intelligence community know, what resources we would bring there, and what do we need to do prospectively to better protect the country in the future,” he announced.

That means another investigation – we’ve already endured Russia, Ukraine, emoluments, etc. – to drag America down even further.

While the President will be working diligently to revive America from the economic devastation wrought by this pandemic, Democrats will be working feverishly to slow him down yet again.

Meaning they will have even more blood on their hands when victims of suicide due to the financial crisis, or domestic violence victims due to lockdown, suffer while Democrats play politics.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. That is the kind of nonsense people with inflated senses of themselves tend to come off with.

  2. Take him off all committees. He is not interested in the welfare of Americans, only his insane political vendetta.

    He does not belong in our government!!

  3. Hes one if then who hate Trump because he is running a massive campaign to stop the real pedophiles and human trafficking No media ever tell the truth and I only hear his speeches about what’s really going on in privately individual operated web sites despite the fact Trump gives the speeches at normal press conferences

  4. Both Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio Failed New York. Over 310000 Corona Virus Covid-19 Infections and Over 22500 Dead, A Huge Epic Failure of Incompodent Progresive Communiest Politicians….. You had the likes of New York Senitor Chuck Schumer call President Trump a Racists, Complained about Shutting Down All Air Traffic from China, All Visitors on January 29th. You had Dr Blasio Telling People to ride the Subway, Go see a play, Then go eat in China Town,Both Cuomo and De Blasio dismissed it in February. A Huge Fail for Blue State Democrats Especially Andrew Cuomo is having Nursing Homes residents go to Hospital with Covid-19 Infections, Then getting Discharged back to the Same Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Center for which they came Infecting Many more in the Nursing Homes.About 35% of the Deaths in New York are because if this.. This Falls 100% On the Sholders if the Govinor since the Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers and Nursing Treages are State Regulated, State Licenced and State Controlled. It almost seems like Andrew Cuomo was Pushing for Over Testing Samples and Ingnoring the Nursing Home Fatalities Issues to pad the Numbers of Infected or Dead for Monetary Gain… I have a hard time believing that Both Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo didn’t knew people where Sick in there Neighborhoods Weeks Earlier then they Admit and that De Blasio was 3 weeks late in closing the Schools. Now Andrew Cuomo wants 30 Billion for more Testing, Contact Tracing and Tracking. To hire 300000 Contact Trakers.. He is out of his mind.. If anyone has symptoms there should be home or ER Testing. The rest of the Money should be used to Clean the Subways & Schools. They say that about 4 Million New Yorkers been Infected and have Immunity already..

  5. That idiot Schiff is responsible for many lives with his impeachement. We know his lyings quite well, so his attack on Trump is nothing new. Did he ever offer some idea how would Democrats save those Corona victims? He does not have any, and he can not even have idea with his hate preventing his brain to work.

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