Animals Suffer From GM Foods, Says Expert

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Animals suffer by eating GM food, study finds

British anthropologist Jane Goddall has warned consumers that when animals respond poorly to GM foods, then it is a warning sign that GM foods are not safe for human consumption. reports:

“Animals tell us something.  If the animals have suffered this way [from GMOs], potentially for us, let’s listen to what they’re telling us. Let’s take heed.”

Goodall has joined forces with attorney Steven Druker in a book he penned to disclose the dangers of GM organisms on animals. Since much of the GM soy and corn grown in the US ends up in animal feed, she urges us to notice what happens to the animals once they’ve consumed a biotech-altered diet.

Druker’s book focuses on FDA regulation (or lack thereof) of GMOs, detailing a cozy relationship with Monsanto and other Big Ag corporations. The attorney was also present at the recent National Press conference, and let the audience know what many Natural Society readers are already cognizant of – that FDA deputy commissioner Michael R. Taylor, used to work for Monsanto as the company’s VP.

The FDA’s spokesperson at the same press conference has no comment, but the website states essentially that there is no difference between GM foods and non-GM foods – which is patently untrue.

Druker believes the FDA is concealing certain facts about GMOs, and in the very least, has misled the public about their safety, since even the feed given to animals has not been subject to rigorous scientific research.

Goodall says that since we can expect similar outcomes for our health as those which animals experience following a GM diet, and since almost 80% of all processed food includes at least one of Monsanto’s eight commercially available GM crops, (corn, soybeans, cotton, alfalfa, sugar beets, canola, papaya, and squash), human health is definitely in danger based on initial scientific tests on rats, monkeys, pigs, and other livestock.

In one example, one pig farmer in Denmark is sounded the alarm on what he believes are deformities caused by genetically modified feed, crippling the pigs he raises. According to The Ecologist, farmer Ib Pedersen has found piglets born with spinal deformities, visible growths and abnormalities, and even conjoined twins. He blames glyphosate—the herbicide found on genetically modified crops.

Truthfully, farmers across the nation have reported ill effects in their animals when fed GMO corn and soy feed, but with a simple change, often costing less, non-GMO feed is causing better animal health and less disease.

Though the studies paid for by the biotech industry show very little or no adverse effects from eating GM feed, she knows that independent tests suggest an entirely different scenario.

She explained:

But if the same tests, the same foods are examined by an independent scientist, then it turns out that in almost every case there are quite serious harms done to the rats, the mice or the other poor unfortunate animals, particularly internal organs like liver and kidneys and things of that sort.

Similar to the conclusions of other formerly pro-GMO scientists, Goodall’s warning is clear:

I don’t think it’s proved at all that these are safe.”

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