Video: Anti-Tory Protest Has Started In London! Live Stream

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Anti-Tory Rally Has Started In London!

The anti Tory uprising has started already in London with thousands of people taking to the streets.

Note: Please scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch a live stream of the protests currently taking place

Press TV reports: Thousands of protesters have marched on the Conservatives’ campaign HQ, parliament, Downing Street and are now marching through central London.

According to Press TV’s correspondent, Narges Moballeghi, the protesters are angry that a party with only about 37% of the vote has a majority in government.

They say the Tory’s will destroy the country even further in the next five years with austerity and the dismantling of public services leaving the poor even more worse off.

They have already been scuffles with police and there is a heavy police presence across central London.

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Below is a live stream of the London Mass Action Against The Torys protest happening right now

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