AOC Accuses Supreme Court Of Instigating A ‘Coup’ & Calls For It To Be Abolished

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Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has accused the Supreme Court of instigating a coup and called for it to be “done away with”

AOC made her comments while having a good old Twitter rant on Thursday.

Following a ruling that will limit the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases, AOC tweeted that Biden’s suggestion of suspending the filibuster in the Senate isn’t enough.

Referring to the Supreme Court AOC wrote: “We need to reform or do away with the whole thing, for the sake of the planet”

Summit News reports: The ‘squad’ leader also accused SCOTUS of a “judicial coup” and called for it to be ‘restrained’ after it took up a 2020 election-related case.

AOC suggested that this sets a precedent to do away with the Presidential election… or something: 

The latest rants come after a week of AOC calling for the Supreme Court to be abolished in the wake of the abortion ruling:

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