Alabama Urges Federal Court To Uphold Its Ban On ‘Gender-Affirming’ Treatments For Minors

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Citing the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow state governments to prohibit abortions, Alabama has urged a federal court to drop its block on the ban of so called gender-affirming care for transgender kids.

The State wants to be allowed to enforce an Alabama law that would make it a felony to give puberty-blocking medication or hormone treatment to transgender youth.

Infowars reports: In a 76-page brief filed with the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall insisted that a previous injunction on the state’s ban of transgender treatments should be overturned, since such care is not protected under the 14th amendment to the US Constitution as it is not “deeply rooted in the nation’s history and traditions.”

“The Legislature determined that transitioning treatments in particular are too risky to authorize, so it is those treatments Plaintiffs must show the Constitution protects,” the brief says. “But no one –adult or child– has a right to transitioning treatments that is deeply rooted in our nation’s history and tradition.”

The state’s argument closely resembles the reasoning behind the recent US supreme court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which removed federal abortion protections and placed the responsibility for legalizing or banning the procedure on individual states and their citizens.

Supreme Court judges that ruled in favor of overturning the legislation argued that terminating a pregnancy was not a fundamental constitutional right because it was not explicitly mentioned in the US constitution and was not “deeply rooted in this nation’s history and tradition.”

In the brief, Marshall goes on to insist that the Constitution reserves to the state, and not courts or medical interest groups, the authority to determine that “sterilizing interventions” are too dangerous for minors, adding that the State has a right to regulate or prohibit such interventions for children “even if an adult wants the drugs for his child.”

The Attorney General also noted that research regarding these “novel interventions” was poor and that they were unproven to offer lasting relief to children suffering from gender-related distress. “What research does exist is already outdated – a remarkable fact given that the seminal study on transitioning children was published less than a decade ago and has not been replicated,” he added.

Marshall also drew attention to the fact that gender-related distress has become “a tsunami” as clinics offering “‘transitioning’ treatments on kids are seeing their patient loads increase by thousands of percent,” noting that the new trend was “troubling.”


  1. The people should have the say in a referendum not some fogies all from the same colleges and backgrounds and values.

  2. Constitiuonal ly everyone has the right to life, at least. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness Typical legal duplicitous designed to create confusions. Happiness isn’t defined. Liberty is unclear.. Typical lawyers. “we the undersigned” Not for and on behalf of the people either Just we the undersigned believe this stuff we wrote.

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