AOC & Hollywood Celebrities Slam Gov. Abbott For Opening Texas

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Democrats are having a meltdown over Governor Gregg Abbotts decision to lift the mask madate and open up Texas.

The governors of both Texas & Mississippi announced on Tuesday they would be lifting their states’ mask mandates and rolling back many of their Covid-19 restrictions

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned that the move was endangering “the entire country and beyond.”

“We are in a pandemic” AOC Tweeted, ” We know that COVID spread isn’t neatly contained by state borders, and explosions in COVID cases can increase the likelihood of new COVID variants to develop or spread to new places. It’s dangerous”

Left-wing celebrity elites also blasted Abbott

Breitbart News reports: It didn’t take long for celebrities to shriek and show their disapproval with Abbott’s decision.

“Only another white man could figure out a way to become a worse person than Ted Cruz,” comedian and former talk show host Chelsea Handler said.

Horror author and film producer Stephen King dug deep and offered up this insight.

Rosanna Arquette somehow managed to make Texas opening up and lifting its mask mandate about Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Clue and Better Call Saul star Michael McKean squeezed in a timely cancel culture reference.

Taken and The Equalizer actor Adam Goldberg reacted to the news, saying “Don’t mess with Texas. They’ll fuck shit up for themselves.”
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