Australian Bishop Who Exposed Elite Pedophile Ring Stabbed In Brutal Attack on Livestream

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An Australian bishop who exposed an elite pedophile ring including high level politicians and former prime ministers was brutally attacked by a knife-wielding thug while delivering a sermon at a Sydney church.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel exposed the VIP elite pedophile ring in a powerful speech before the attack, warning his adversaries that he did not care if they killed him for exposing their crimes.

“If I get the chance I will rescue those children myself, and let them kill me, I don’t care,” said Bishop Mari in a powerful address which was filmed by churchgoers and posted to social media.

Did the VIP elite send a message to Bishop Mari and any other influential figures who are thinking about exposing their crimes against children? Watch:

The attackers knife seems to have malfunctioned at first, allowing more time for the crowd to save him.

Many in the congregation are saying they witnessed a miracle.

Bishop Mori released a statement from his hospital bed Monday night, declaring that he forgives his attacker and is “doing fine” after undergoing surgery.

However, he is refusing to take back his claims that a VIP pedophile ring, including world leaders, is infiltrating governments and international institutions around the world.

Watch his explosive testimony here:

Bishop Mori is also on record calling on Bill Gates to repent and warning him that he will “end up where Jeffrey Epstein is” if he fails to see the error of his ways.

According to ABC, a 16-year-old boy has been arrested over the attack and authorities are investigating it as a “terrorist incident”. No charges have been laid.

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel said he forgives “whoever has done this act”.

“I will always pray for you. And whoever sent you to do this, I forgive them as well is Jesus’s mighty name,” he said.

In his almost four-minute speech, Bishop Emmanuel reassured his followers he was improving.

“I’m doing fine, recovering very quickly. We thank the Lord Jesus, so there is no need to be worried or concerned,” he said.

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