Author of ‘Gender Queer’ Book Found in School Libraries Across US Says It’s ‘Not For Kids’

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The author of Gender Queer, one of the pornographic LBGTQ+ books that has mysteriously appeared in school libraries across the United States, has admitted that the book is not meant to be read by young children.

Maia Kobabe, who identifies as non-binary told the Washington Post that her book, which has become a cause célèbre with Democrats who are determined to force all children to read it, is aimed at “older teens” and adults, not kindergarten aged kids.

“It keeps being called a children’s book … but I think that’s coming from a misreading of the comic-book form. ‘Gender Queer’ is a comic, and in full color, but that doesn’t mean it’s for children,” Kobabe stated.

“I originally wrote it for my parents, and then for older teens who were already asking these questions about themselves. I don’t recommend this book for kids!” she said in the interview published last week.

The comments come after GOP Senator John Kennedy read graphic excerpts during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing:

Kennedy read “I got a new strap-on harness today. I can’t wait to put it on you. It will fit my favorite dildo perfectly. You’re going to look so hot. I can’t wait to have your c**k in my mouth. I’m going to give you the blow job of your life. Then I want you inside of me.”

“The words you spoke are disturbing, especially coming out of your mouth, it’s very disturbing,” Illinois Secretary of State Alexander Giannoulias told Kennedy in response.

Gender Queer is one of several books that have provoked outrage among parents as it features graphic illustrations of sex between two men, use of sex toys, oral sex, and masturbation, among other non-kid friendly things.

Passages from the book have been read out by parents during school board meetings, in some cases leading to them being shut down and forced to leave.

The Gender Queer book was also cited by Chelsea Clinton in tweets defending the use of such material in schools.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Well in the past books from Oskar Wilde where called perversion. The naive just saw harmless in it the dirty minded read in between as it used symbols and hidden knowledge. Nowadays it’s blatantly evrywhere, it has nothing to do with love it’s degradation of fetishes like 50 shades of grey. It’s all about power play masochism torture, and dirty play. The neon demon and other examples show how evil it has become. Normalizing rape, or other psychopathic behaviour, twisting belief’s about genders. It’s normal that a men working in a female profession, surrounded by women behaving badly showing their most bad behaviour starting to be attracted to males, the same with women in a men’s profession surrounded by men behaving as their worst, you become attracted to the opposite. Those things are natural mostly thru traumatic experiences with the opposite sex. The belief the own sex is less cruel, or foreign in truth, both sex can behave horrible, but after a certain point of trauma you can’t be attracted anymore. People who search just love and relationships are romantic in nature, they are not attracted by kink’s, this outgoing behaviour of forbidden things are attributed to mental disorders like psychopathy narcissistic personality to want to have sex against someone else’s well being for selfish reasons are evil. A normal person searches a bond of soul and mind. Modern teaching’s turn people more evil and all TV shows use lead actors to advertise psychopathic egocentric behaviour. There is a lack of normal role models gay and straight, all together none is shown with any morals, instead both are shown with kinky selfishness and abuse of power “normalising psychopathic traits”.
    The madness to want to change your born sex and being normal people is a cultural thing. If you truly believe to gain anything you should join rather patriarchal or matriarchal society’s to see it’s cultural to feel as the stronger sex. Instead of ruining your born body, taking medication and drugs against depression and loosing yourself and your blatter (incontinence ) and self dignity.

    Being just gay / straight in the sence of falling in love with a person of the same/other sex who share a connection of body and mind seems more rare than ever. As majority is just searching for the most pleasure, instead of loving anyone truthfully anymore, is a sad thing and this pathway is bad for the soul no matter what you choose.

    • Romance be er existed really until the Anti Christian brigade in England created the Romantic Era. So your wrong.
      You’ve been brainwashed. And Charles is quite correct about Love when he said whatever that means because it’s different for everyone It’s basically whatever they subjectively think it is from their interpretation of lave stories which are mind control programming. Designed to destroy the EXTENDED family which is the real family.

      • And love means never saying your sorry.
        Just grow up. Humans are animals and reproduction of the species is the point of sex but DRUNKENESS changed natural behaviour and caused errant behaviours but it became so popular because people loved it so much (actually the first farmers grew crops for fermentation) that they then normmalised promiscuity by pretending the instinct to cross pollinate and sow your wild oats was a healthy thing which if us generically but not in terms of syphilis gonnorgaea hiv etc. So they invented French letter.
        . Then they I vented being in love to deceive idiots that they’re desire to root someone was deeply spiritual and intellectual so that then they could sell them bank loans. Wake up

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