Barack Obama Praises ‘Woke’ NBA Players for Boycott Following Kenosha Shooting

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Barack Obama praises NBA players over their boycott

Barack Obama gushed praise on NBA players for “standing up” for what they believe in on Wednesday.

As the Association called-off three games in protest to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, the former president immediately condoned the cancellation of the games.

Obama captioned a video of Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers and declared that “all our institutions” need “to stand up for our values.” reports: Obama’s tweet comes in the wake of the decision of the Milwaukee Bucks, and several other players and teams, deciding to not play their three playoff games on Wednesday. Believing instead, that their efforts could be better utilized fighting for social justice.

As the Associated Press reports:

The dramatic series of moves began when the Bucks — the NBA’s team from Wisconsin, a state rocked in recent days by the shooting by police officers of Jacob Blake, a Black man — didn’t take the floor for their playoff game against the Magic. The teams were set to begin Game 5 of their series shortly after 4 p.m., with the Bucks needing a win to advance to the second round.

Players had been discussing boycotting games in the bubble after the shooting of Blake by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. More discussions were scheduled Wednesday, but even before that the Bucks apparently decided they would act.

‘Some things are bigger than basketball,’ Bucks senior vice president Alex Lasry tweeted. ‘The stand taken today by the players and (the organization) shows that we’re fed up. Enough is enough. Change needs to happen. I’m incredibly proud of our guys and we stand 100% behind our players ready to assist and bring about real change.’

There are three other playoff games scheduled Thursday. It was unclear if they would be affected. Several NBA players, including LeBron James, tweeted out messages demanding change and the Boston Celtics’ official Twitter account did the same.

According to ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, all NBA players are having a discussion to decide whether to continue the season.


  1. He would. Hes prejudicial. And they did it,no doubt ,because their owners instructed them to think it would be appropriate . No doubt their owners are white who want more .money, naturally , and see that black labour markets will be better slaves.

  2. The worst leader and hypocrite in the history of mankind ..A person with no moral compass and completely Satan’s spawn

  3. This is a win-win situation for normal people.

    B-ball cretins don’t get paid for doing their usual nothing, and normal people can be better entertained watching BLM rioters get shot instead of shooting hoops.

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