BBC Memo Declares White People a ‘Parasitical Deviant Breed’

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BBC memo says white people are parasites

A senior BBC executive described white people as a “barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed,” while also calling the UK a “bigoted” country.

Dawn Queva, who is a scheduling coordinator at BBC Three, made the controversial remarks on her Facebook page. reports: While Queva appears to vehemently hate white people, that didn’t stop her living in the UK, a country she branded “bigoted” and “genocidal,” while also referring to Britain as the “UKKK,” a reference to the Ku Klux Klan.

According to the BBC staffer, white people are “barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed” who disturb the natural order of the planet.

She also called Jewish people “Nazi apartheid parasites” that funded a “holohoax”.

“Ms Queva’s posts were made under the name of Dawn Las Quevas-Allen on Facebook, but it has the same profile picture as her regular profile, and trade magazine Deadline reports that her identity has been confirmed,” reports the Telegraph.

Queva’s comments are made all the more remarkable by a story we highlighted earlier in the week.

BBC staff are being ordered not to hire anyone who refuses to embrace ‘diversity’ indoctrination, meaning candidates who are “dismissive” of diversity and inclusion are not being considered for roles at the British broadcaster.

Recruiters are told, “Don’t hire [candidates who are] unsuited to the organisation” if they are “dismissive or derisory of diversity and inclusion and surrounding topics.”

So while it rejects candidates who don’t fully embrace “diversity,” the BBC hired a senior employee who described white people as a “parasitical deviant breed” and a “mutant invader species”.

But they’re not biased at all, honest.

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