BBC Brands Trump ‘Kremlin Spy’

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BBC Panorama show calls Trump a 'Kremlin spy'

The BBC has come under fire after an “extremely biased” anti-Trump documentary aired on Monday night accusing the President-elect of being a Russian spy.

The BBC’s flagship investigative documentary programme Panorama aired a 30-minute show entitled, “Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?” which purported to investigate Trump’s “strange relationship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Anti-Trump journalist John Sweeney hosted the show, and explored the so-called “bromance” between the two world leaders.

Viewers were left outraged after the programme aired, accusing the BBC of trying to smear the President-elect just days ahead of his inauguration on Jan. 20. reports:

One furious viewer tweeted: “I don’t like Trump, but this fanatical anti-Russian propaganda is stupid.

“Hillary lost because a lot of people hate her.”

Another said: “Panorama or propaganda? Why do I have to pay for your bulls****?”

According to the corporation’s Editorial Guidelines, the BBC claims impartiality “lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences”.

But, among the many who had replied to the Panorama tweet: “Starting now on @BBCOne – Trump: The Kremlin candidate?” Not everybody agreed.

Another wrote: “The world is changing, you’ve had your time BBC and the people are seeing through your illiberal bias.”

In the documentary, veteran BBC journalist John Sweeney investigates whether Russianhackers helped Donald Trump into the White House, as has been claimed by multiple US intelligence agencies.

He questioned whether the world would be safe if the “bromance” between the billionaire businessman and Russian president “falls apart”.

Ahead of the programme’s broadcast, Mr Sweeney wrote in a Guardian article: “We see them as butch sweethearts with Putin in the role of Kremlin master to his White House apprentice. That should be enough to make the world – in particular those in Syria and the Ukraine – worried.”

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