Biden Admits He’s a Trojan Horse For Radical Dems: ‘I Am Kamala’s Running Mate. Y’all Think I’m Kidding?’

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Former Vice President Joe Biden, who has previously “slipped up” and referred to a “Harris-Biden administration” has now confirmed what many people already knew — he is Kamala Harris’ running mate.

Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Atlanta, Georgia with only seven days until Election Day to campaign for Kamala Harris and essentially admitted he is a Trojan horse for the radical wing of the Democrat party on Tuesday while campaigning in Atlanta, Georgia.

Everyone knows far-left radical Kamala Harris is the real presidential candidate. Former VP Joe Biden is simply the vessel being used to smuggle the radical candidate into the White House.


It’s not the first time Old Joe let the cat out of the bag. He previously referred to a “Harris-Biden administration.

They are not even trying to hide it. Kamala Harris admitted it too.

A Harris administration together with Joe Biden.” she previously said.

The corrupt corporate media will not report on the truth and are instead circling the wagons around the Democrat campaign, attempting to shield Biden from a damaging series of scandals.

Baxter Dmitry
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