Biden Official Admits That Trump Policies Prevented Illegal Immigration

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Biden border advisor

One of Joe Biden’s senior border advisors has admitted that Trump’s policies stopped illegal immigration while Biden’s are encouraging it.

During Wednesdays White House press briefing Biden official Roberta Jacobson said that President Trump’s policies, which were reversed by Biden, were successfully preventing illegal immigration.

She said t it was not a “coincidence” border crossing attempts spiked after President Biden took office.

Summit News reports: Jacobson, Biden’s coordinator for the southwestern border on the National Security Council was taking questions about the unfolding crisis when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy managed to get her to admit that Trump’s ‘return to Mexico’ policy was effective against illegal immigration, while Biden’s actions have caused a surge of migrants at the border.

Jacobson said that the current ‘surge’ is likely down to a ‘more humane’ policy at the border prompting ‘hope’ among migrants.

Many are struggling, however, to understand how it is ‘more humane’ to cram thousands of kids into cages, which migrants themselves have dubbed “dog kennels” and “ice boxes”.

There are now a record number of migrant children being kept in Border Patrol ‘cages’, according to reports.

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